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How to Use Creative Writing Prompts

Bryan Cohen Author of 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts

by Bryan Cohen The brain works like a computer. If you give it the right codes, it will do what you ask it to do. One of the best creative codes you can feed your brain is a well-worded question. The reason most of the creative writing prompts I come up with are questions is …

Student Spotlight- Linda’s Story

Empty stage.

Over the last couple of months I’ve had the joy of working closely with a group of writers on my 7 Writing Archetypes and their corresponding templates.  It’s a system I developed that helps people clarify their writing voice for each article, blog post, or book chapter, and then use a template to ensure all …

Using Song Lyrics in Your Book- Should You?

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Copyright law regarding song lyrics is complicated and can be confusing. This article from Galley Cat makes it clear. ( Click on this link to read it) I like the final piece of advice- just don’t! However, you can get the same effect in your book by using a song title, which is not subject …