Monthly Archives: January 2016

New Amazon Options and Rules

Once again, is shaping the book market with innovation.  They have just released two new enhancements that you must know about, both as a reader and an author.  Both will make book marketing better so I’m a big fan.

Free samples-  Just like at your favorite ice cream store, Amazon now offers you the ability to allow readers enjoy a free sample of your kindle book via a link you send by email or a code you can embed in a blog.  How cool! This is called the Amazon Instant Book Preview.  It’s free and very easy, even if you are technically challenged.  Plus, it gives readers a very smooth path to purchasing immediately after they read the sample.

Here’s how the embedding looks for my book Overcomers, Inc.


The Kindle Instant Book Preview can be read on a tablet. phone or computer.  Here’s how it works:

  1.  Go the Kindle page of the book you want to recommend.  It can be one of yours or any kindle book.
  2.  Find the embed button on the far right.  See the screenshot:kindle embed3.  Add that html code to your blog or use the email link option for newsletters or emails.

Pretty awesome, right!

Quality Control- We’ve all gotten books lately that are full of typos and bad grammar.  Amazon has been paying attention to reviews that complain about poor quality and, starting February 1, will add a warning label on these books reading “several validated quality issues” and asking the publisher to fix the problems.

This is terrific!  You know how I feel about writing a book worth reading.  Your well-written and edited book can get lost in a sea of junk.  Now your hard work will be rewarded as readers will be warned about the poorly done books.  Your professionally done book will stand out.

These changes point to a shift away from bragging about best seller status to bragging about customer reviews.  Make your readers happy and you will be rewarded.  That’s a win for everyone!