5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Writing

If you’ve been blogging, writing articles or working on your book for a while, you may be feeling a little bored.  Your ideas may seem to be going in circles, drying up, or just a rehash of the same old things you’ve written about in the past.

Boredom is dangerous for an author.

If you are bored with your writing, it is very likely that your readers are bored too.  A bored reader doesn’t complain or bother you; she just unsubscribes from your ezine, stops visiting your blog, or puts your book on the shelf and never returns to complete it.

These are not the outcomes you want!

Try these 5 ideas for freshening up your writing:

1. Write something controversial. There’s nothing like a bit of controversy to stir up emotions and interest. Can you take a bold stand on your topic, take on a commonly accepted idea and demonstrate that it is no longer true, or inspire people to stop settling for things that no longer serve them?

Tailor this technique to suit your level of comfort. Some authors love to write boldly and proactively while others are gentler. Where can you make a bold declaration that will generate some debate yet still remain true to your style?

Many authors use this technique by writing a manifesto, saucy blog post, or book chapter which examines currently accepted ideas and refutes them.

2. Conduct Interviews. If you are stuck in a rut, consider interviews as a source of new stories, a deeper understanding of the issue, and a new perspective on your ideas. For example, if you are writing a book on parenting, you could interview a variety of parents including single parents, same sex parents, adoptive parents, parents of diverse backgrounds, and step parents to examine the unique challenges each group experiences.

While you are well versed in your personal experiences and perhaps those of your clients, conducting interviews with a diverse group will add new layers and interesting information to your work.

3. Bring in an element of surprise. Do something unexpected. If your reader knows you well, share a personal story that reveals another aspect of your personality. For example, my writing persona is very traditional, professional, and conservative so if I share a story about eating barbeque in a motorcycle bar, readers may be a bit surprised and curious.

Mystery writers do this masterfully. Just when you think you’ve solved the crime before the main character, the writer adds a twist and reveals that the killer is the person you least expected it to be.

What you can add to your writing that will surprise and delight your readers?

4. Predict an emerging trend. Our world is changing rapidly. Based on your knowledge of your subject matter, try making a bold prediction about the future, as well as what readers should do to navigate that future successfully.

Seth Godin has become a legend for writing books which predict trends in business and entrepreneurship. Even seasoned writers like Wayne Dyer sell new books because they spot a fresh trend and bring it to the reading public.

5.Use humor to lighten up a serious topic. One of the best book ideas I’ve heard recently was a book on the humorous side of grief. Because grief is such a heavy and sad topic, a funny book about grief is certainly unexpected and fresh.

There are many types of humor from biting sarcasm to gentle amusement. If you want to use humor in your book, use the kind of humor that fits naturally with your personality and feels comfortable for you. Using humor can be as simple as relaying a funny experience, pointing out ironic situations or absurdities, or writing stories with a specific punch line aimed at generating a belly laugh.

Now that you’ve read these 5 ways to freshen up your writing, follow your inspiration and select one new approach and try it this week. Experiment with it, see what happens, and monitor the response from your readers. This action will peak your curiosity and creativity, which will always make you a more interesting writer.

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