5 Ways to Pump Up the Progress on Your Book

Whether you are just beginning your first draft or you have a published book that’s been launched for a few years, your book progress relies on how much energy you put into it.

If you find your sales slumping or you just can’t seem to muster up the enthusiasm to write, it’s the ideal time to try something new and fresh. We get bored and bogged down by doing the same things repeatedly. When things feel a bit stagnant, try these ideas to recharge your enthusiasm and restart your forward motion:

  1. Plan Before You Write. Instead of sitting down to write and waiting for inspiration or struggling to fill up the page, take a few moments before you begin writing and plan first. Jot down a brief outline of the key points you wish to make. Do all your creative thinking about the content before you start to write so you can focus on expressing that content with a smooth flow of words while you are writing.

    Just a few moments of planning before you write will make the process of writing so much easier.

  2. Join in the Conversation. Nothing will renew your enthusiasm for your book like conversations with real people who are interested in your topic. Refresh your blog, start a conversation on social media, have a few friends over for lunch, or attend a networking meeting. Intend to have interesting conversations about your book topic so that you can experience the thrill of having someone ask you about your book or tell you that they are eager to read it.

    The more conversations you can have with people about your book, the more feedback you will gather and the clearer you will become about the importance of your topic. This feedback and clarity will inspire you and remind you that people are waiting for your message.

  3. Build Your List. Building a strong opt-in list of interested future readers is a key skill for a successful author. In fact, your list is one of your most important assets. Learn more about the people on your existing list by conducting a survey or contest or calling a few of them on the phone. Learn more about what the people on your list need so that you can make sure you meet those needs in your book and your business.

    Spend some time attracting new people to join your list. Seek out internet radio shows which might like to interview you about your topic, post a press release, or write some articles and send them to article banks. Make it your goal to devote time to building your list each month and then nurture the people on that list by providing them with regular contact from you.

  4. Explore New Avenues. Book marketing is changing rapidly. Do some research on ebooks, selling to book stores, group sales to corporations, or marketing to gifts stores. Aim to learn at least one new place where you can offer your book in addition to your website and Amazon.
  5. Increase Your Service Line. Since you are building your business with a book, you need a line of products and services which enhance and deepen the material in your book. You may wish to provide an audio program, coaching, or teleclass series.

    Just for fun, create a new small product or service and launch it. Make this something easy, perhaps a single session teleclass, a short-term group coaching program, or a live workshop in your hometown. Enjoy teaching a portion of your book. Watch to see how the material transforms the lives of your participants.

    Not only will you enjoy the inspiration and results you see from your teaching, you’ll bring in some additional income, which is always empowering.

Which one of these ideas sound like the most fun for you? Share your ideas here and inspire another author.

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  • I just wanted to comment and say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post here. It was very informative and I also digg the way you write! Keep it up and I’ll be back to read more in the future

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  • Hi Lyn,
    Workshopping or running a teleclass n your book is a great idea. Especially when you discover you have to rewrite the whole book. I suppose that’s better than trying to sell a flop.

  • Lynne
    Thank you, this is perfect advice. I’ve been writing my current blog as a training exercise to get used to writing on a regular basis. It lacks focus, and is more in preparation for my book blog to come next month.

    I’ve got a few articles on all out massive action plans and I’m inspired by both your layout for this article, and the couple of things I’ve missed (like stressing the art of building your list) in my action plan. (To be honest, my list building skills are not up to incompetent yet, but they are improving every week.)

    On your point number one, I find that if I’m doing my Morning Pages from the Artists Way, my mind is clear and I’m ready to write.

    I’d be happy to provide links to the articles on NonTraditional Success, but would prefer to have permission before doing so.

    Thanks for the inspiration and the advice.


    • Malcom- Congratulations on the progress you are making on your book! The longer I work in publishing, the more I believe in the power of small steps, consistently taken.

      I love writing first thing in the morning too. Julia Cameron gave us all a wonderful gift when she wrote The Artist’s Way.

      Best wishes on your book!

  • The idea of creating a small but friendly bit from the content of my book has given a lot of joy IN ADVANCE! Sururely it will be contagious!

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