A Stunning Announcement from Lynne

One month from today, we’re moving to Ecuador!   Along with me and my family—I’m taking you with me, too.  Yes, look forward with me to a great new world of experience and business as we have never done it before.

So as not to lose you…I want to share the story of this miraculous turn of events.  Maybe it may inspire you as well?

At the age of 4, I shocked everyone by saying I wanted to be either a missionary or a go-go dancer.  I really just wanted to live internationally ….and I wanted those 70’s white go-go boots!

Well, at this stage in life, I no longer care to be a go-go dancer, but I’ve been feeling the call to move to a completely different environment for quite some time.

I first visited Ecuador in 2008 on a spiritual retreat and fell in love with the beauty of the land—its peacefulness, and the warmth of the people.  I returned last year and seriously started to explore the idea of moving there ‘someday.

This summer my husband Larry and I went to Ecuador for 10 days—just to see how he felt about the country now being touted as the No. 1 place in the world to retire.

We had an amazing experience—so amazing that we purchased property and set about to build our dream house!  This definitely was not planned, but we were overwhelmed with the feeling that we were supposed to live in that particular spot—now!

I’ll admit it, I was scared.  Larry and I visited many Cathedrals in order to sit in prayer and make sure we both continued to feel like we should move forward.  At every juncture, we’d say, “Well, if we aren’t supposed to do this, we’ll know.”

Everything went forward magically.  Sign-after-sign pointed the way to this new adventure:   Our first offer was accepted.  They easily accommodated our requests relative to the house design, and we could handle the financing.  The clincher for me was when I learned I could operate my business exactly as I do now—even keeping the same phone number!

Just to prove to you that I am not losing my grip on my business with you…and so you too can enjoy the view…here’s a photo of the land we will settle on soon.  So, in the future, whenever we are working together, I’ll be inspired by this very same view and so will you.

On November 5th Larry, my son Tom, and I will fly away to our new home near Cuenca, Ecuador, with just 2 suitcases each, a back pack, and a carry-on bag.  We will reside where people value balance, peace, and harmony.

I anticipate writing great books there and serving you, my friends, my community of authors, from a deeper and more powerful place than I have ever known before.

Keep in mind that not far from my place is an amazing Hacienda where I hope to entertain you and welcome many to future writers’ retreats.

I need only a couple of weeks to get settled in and then it will be business as usual.  Please plan to join me someday soon in the Valley of the Roses to work together.

Starting now, I am creating a personal blog about our adventures in Ecuador and sharing photos for everyone who would like to follow our progress…or perhaps even in our footsteps.

I am so grateful to have a business which allows to me live anywhere in the world!   At last I can fulfill my childhood dream of living in another country, and am so grateful for all the students and writers who make this possible!




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  • Lynne: Congratulations on following your dream! I hope living in Ecuador is wonderful and amazing for you.

  • Lynn wow Im staying subscribed b/c this proves we are of like mind! I love that a, you are taking risks, b after consulting intuition and Spirit. I too love the idea of being in different places on this gorgeous planet, and settling into cultures that may not be our native one. What a glorious adventure! Blessings too you.

  • Fun, fun! Looking forward to more synergy in the future, mi amiga nueva!

  • Great Lynne! Love the photo of you on your new property! Wonderful memories of you sitting on the bar stool in Uzhupud smiling with tears in your eyes when you realized YES! this is it:) this is the place:)
    Love you, Robin

  • Lynne,

    I’m so happy for you! It looks like a wonderful place to live. I wish you the best.


  • Good Morning Lynne,

    I was so excited to get your email telling of your oh so exciting adventure! Love your ever expanding spirit that embraces life and includes us!

    I can hardly wait for you to share with us your blogging of this unfolding … because who knows if more of us knew the steps you’ve taken in the prep and as you address each daily hurdle, we would find we could move living in a foreign country from a thought to a reality! Just like the way you help us write a book! I can see the next book … “How to Make the Move to Ecuador With Ease and Stretch Your Retirement Dollar.” Or maybe it will be “Moving to Ecuador: The Steps to Take” or whatever!

    One of my very valued employees working at my Adult Foster Home is Ecuadorian, from Quito. We talk of paying a visit.

    Plus back in my nursing Peace Corps days in Costa Rica I spent 3 weeks visiting Ecuador and loved it. Cuenca was a place I went and have a lovely onyx swan on my bookshelf I still count amongst my treasures after 40 years. I remember loving the area then and look forward to you making it come alive with your wonderful writing.

    Blessings to you moment by moment,

  • congrats on your move! put me on the list for your retreat plzzz! sounds wonderful…

  • Lynne, I opened your blog this morning for the first time in a few months. I love your story of taking the leap into your dream (On my blog I wrote of the fears, anticipation, and courage that one goes through, namely what I went through, when doors suddenly opened to bring my husband and me to the cliff overlooking our biggest dream—and the decision we were faced with to follow our heart into the unknown or to listen to the frantic little voice urging us to remain in the safety of our ‘normal’ life).

    We took the leap. It was a dream we’d had for 7 years to move to a Caribbean island. We jumped off the cliff expecting to be given wings to fly….instead we came in for a crash landing of emotions and fears and unforeseen obstacles. The emotions ran like an out-of-control roller coaster for the first 6 months. “What the hell were we thinking” stormed our thoughts on one tear-streaked day or hour, followed with smiling showers of “I can’t believe we’re actually here” the next.

    Missing family and friends is the biggest challenge (I can’t tell you how grateful we are for email and internet calling).

    It’s been nearly a year now—hard to believe. We finally feel at home, but with the shadowy reality that we are foreigners in this land. Mostly, we stand in wonder at the risks we took to live our biggest dream. Now, its time to create another “biggest dream.”

    All the very best to you. Hang on to the sides of your roller coaster, expect the unexpected, when those “what the hell are we doing” asteroids hit you, bring to memory why your heart brought you to this new adventure, never give up no matter how many tears flow, find something to be grateful for every day, use a crowbar to put a smile on your face if need be, bask in the moments of amazement….and read my memoir someday of my experience. 🙂

    • Carmen- thank you for this wonderful post. I so appreciate the preview of coming attractions. I’m sure we will have some of the questions moments too.

      I’m going to check out your book and learn more!

  • Lynne, I’m so excited for you – I’ve been feeling the pull to be in a completely different environment too. Presently I have my houseboat on the market, and I’m feeling the pull to be more grounded. I travelled in South America in 1973 – loved Ecuador. I’m sure I’ll see you there before too long – it pulls at me too. Love the way it’s all come together for you and love that we can do our businesses anywhere now. Wishing you wonderful adventures. Vicky

  • Wow, Lynne! This is such an overwhelming bit of info. I’m wrapping my head around the news while understanding how you’re following your heart as it has its given purpose. Your new life will no doubt be a blend of magic, challenges and perfection. And all 3 are divinely ordered and part of your write life :-). Enjoy every bit of the journey!



    I just discovered your website this evening. You’ll find an eNote from me about your “Quick Start” program. Although we’ve never met, I am moved by your bodacious decision to follow the nudging of your heart and spirit to relocate your life and business in Ecuador. The added blessing is that your family shares your Dream and is participating in it – a great Gift! I wish you continued success and rich new experiences that enhance your life and inspire your clients to follow their Dream. Shalom!

    • Thank you Sheila!
      So glad you found this site and are now part of this family of authors. You’ll find some lovely people here.
      I love that word bodacious.

  • Dear Lynne,

    You’ve been in my heart and mind. Now I know why! I’m very excited for you, and I am praying every day.

    Happy Birthday! And many blessings as you prepare for this wonderful adventure.

    You never know, but I may be able to contribute tips at some point. To this day much of what I do, and sometimes even write about, is based on my experiences in Mexico and the Philippines. Also, my ND grew up in Ecuador and his mother phones him from there sometimes when I’m with him.

    Anyway, I’m very excited for you and wish I could join you. 🙂


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