“When I decided I wanted to self-publish my book, Comfort, Healing and Joy, I knew I wanted someone who was not only knowledgeable and trustworthy, and had my best interests in mind… I also wanted someone with “heart,” who cared about my book and believed in it as much as I did. That someone was Lynne Klippel. Something told me that I chose the right person from the very beginning, and as it turned out, I was right.”

David Fox, MD, Author




“Lynne Klippel is a gift from the Divine. So much more than a ‘book shepherd’, she is a steady encouraging presence who believes in me and my project even when I start to doubt myself. If I sometimes begin our sessions with worry or fear, I always end them with excitement and enthusiasm.”

Clare Goodwin




“When I discovered Lynne Klippel, I was looking for someone to help me create an overall information product development plan. Lynne helped me identify a group of products that my market would want, and helped me create a strategy to develop and produce them. What I especially loved was her hands-on input. She tweaked my website copy to make it more inviting, and helped me create a compelling free product to build my contact list. Then she helped me create a successful preview teleseminar, for a multi-part paid educational coaching program we outlined together. Her knowledge of how all the steps work and feedback to systematically implement them was brilliant, and working with her is simply an experience of joy and ease.”

Dolly M . Garlo, R.N., J.D., ICF Professional Certified





“When I joined Lynne Klippel’s Book School class, I didn’t have a single word written or any clue about the ‘book world.’ With no experience writing or getting a book published, I barely had confidence that I could do it. Lynne’s experience, extensive knowledge, and genuine enthusiasm helped me to not only write a book, but to develop a platform for marketing, speaking, and selling. I went from zero to… well who knows!

The best part, and perhaps the most important part, is that with the confidence I gained to get this book completed and message out there, we are receiving dozens of letters and notes from people telling us how this book is profoundly changing their lives. Imagine if we had kept that bottled up.”

Vanessa Wesley, Author