Amazon Matchbook- Important New Program

Breaking news arrived from today.  They are starting a new program called Matchbook, which will allow you to bundle your printed book and ebook together, offering a extra_extra_OMG_Mediadiscount if both are purchased at once.  For example,  if you have a paperback book which sells for $19.95 and the same book in Kindle format for $7.99, you can offer the Kindle version for a price up to $2.99 when the print book is sold.  Kind of like when you buy one pair of shoes and get a discount on a second pair.

This program will launch on Amazon in a few weeks.  If you have a kindle book and a print book on Amazon now and want to take advantage of this new promotion, follow these steps:

1.  Log into your Kindle Direct Publishing Account using this link

2.  Select the title or titles you want to promote this way in your dashboard

3.  Click on the “rights and pricing” tab

4. Select your matchbook pricing- must be $2.99 or less.

5.  Hit save.

Amazon will email you when the Matchbook discount is live online.

I’m not sure how many extra books you will sell this way as it is a new and untested program.  However, people love a discount so this new program may encourage people to buy your new book in two versions instead of one.  Every extra book sale is a win!

What do you think of this new idea?



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  • hi Lynne, I wrote a chapter in the book align expand succeed. Do you now own the publishing rights to this book or Christine.

    Am I allowed to share my chapter of the book?

    thanks Dana

  • This sounds awesome! I don’t have a KDP account though, even though I have a book and eBook on Amazon. I’ve sent Amazon an email asking how I should proceed since setting up a KDP account assumes that you do not yet have a book available for sale.
    I’ll let you know what I find out in case it assists your other authors.
    Love & Light,
    Susan M Wright

  • Lynne, You Rock!
    Thanks for the heads up. Already signed-up.


  • Wow! Talk about up to the minute info! Thank you so MUCH! I’ve been seeing your name more lately in collaboration with other authors and office efficiency experts. Way to GO!
    Congratulations! The respect I have for you gives each of your affiliates a HUGE vote of confidence for me!

    Thanks for all you share!


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