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Finally, a Way to Peek Behind the Curtain and Learn How
Successful Authors Make a Bountiful Living With Their Books….

A Blueprint that’s Better than an MBA for Authors

Can we talk about the M word?

According the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, most freelance writers earn just $28,000 a year and need another job just to pay for their health insurance.

The numbers are even scarier for book moneyentrepreneurs who want to write a book to build their business because there are more expenses and even less time to write.

If you are like most aspiring authors, you have a big dream. You want to write your book to help people, to share your wisdom, and to create the income you need to take care of yourself and your loved ones. You are not greedy, but you want to pay your bills with ease and have something left to enjoy and to share with others.

Yet, the road to becoming a successful and prosperous author can seem frustrating, confusing and mysterious. You see others living your dream but just can’t figure out how to make that dream come true for yourself.

The biggest reason why some authors succeed and others don’t?

Few authors have access to information from the business side of publishing success. Plus, the world of publishing has changed so drastically in the last five years that even if you had prior experience in publishing, you’d still be floundering in today’s environment.

I understand!

As a best-selling author and publisher since 2003, I’ve had the honor of publishing 142 authors in 82 different publishing projects. I’ve witnessed some authors create great success with their books… and sadly, seen others fail miserably.

I went on a quest to solve this problem, for myself and for you. I enrolled in graduate school and took business courses, studied with the biggest names in internet marketing, and conducted hours of interviews with famous authors all in an effort to figure out why good people with great books were broke and disappointed.

Over time, things started to come together. I was able to create two six figure businesses and coached hundreds of authors and entrepreneurs how to add income streams to their business.

I’ve spent the last five years experimenting and tweaking my blueprint for author’s financial success.  Now, I’m ready to share it with you!



Author Income Intensive:

A Home-Study Course for Authors Who Want to
Increase Their Income and Their Ability to Serve Others


Join me in a crash-course for authors who want to magnify the potential in their books – the potential to help thousands of people around the globe AND attract enough money to ensure you can live the life you want.

You need this information whether you are just starting your book or already have it published so this course is designed to get you just the information you need as quickly as possible.

Here’s what you’ll discover in the Author Income Intensive:

Module 1 – Becoming an Abundant Author

  1. Master the 6-step process of reader engagement so that you know how to magically attract readers to your business
  2. Know precisely when to offer products and services to your readers…if you don’t have the timing right, they won’t buy your book or anything else
  3. Amaze your readers by creating products and services that they WANT to buy, without expensive market research campaigns

Module 2 – Applying the Author Income Blueprint

  1. Understand the multitude of income streams you can create from your book… if you’ve been curious about teleclasses, events, webinars, retreats, membership sites, homestudy courses, or coaching, this call will make sense of them all so that you can strategically select the best ones for you and your readers
  2. Create a long-range plan for on-going income from your book
  3. Customize and personalize your plan to capitalize on your strengths and the longings of your readers

Module 3 – Turning Your Book into a Gold Mine

  1. Master a fool-proof method to harvest a bushel of income opportunities from your book by viewing it as intellectual property, not just a book
  2. Create a variety of learning experiences so that you don’t get bored and your customers have multiple opportunities to work with you
  3. Step into the role of teacher and mentor so that you can help your readers transform their lives

Module 4 – Creating an Attraction Offer

  1. Build a list of potential readers who love you and respect your work
  2. Create income at the same time you are researching material for your book
  3. Use technology to deliver outstanding experiences for your reader…so that you look like a class act and free up your time to write

Module 5 – Pricing and Technology for Today’s Marketplace

  1. Discover how current pricing trends differ dramatically from the past so that you can easily select the best pricing for all your offers
  2. Learn 4 must-have technology tools and how to get them at a budget- friendly price
  3. Compare successful marketing methods for information products vrs. coaching or other personalized services….one size does not fit all!

Module 6 – Implementing Strategies to Ensure Your Success

  1. Build your business as a long-term asset that provides outstanding value and has a stellar reputation
  2. Use outsourcing effectively
  3. Get all your questions answered in our live Q & A session

Just imagine, you will have a solid plan for adding more income to your life before you know it!

In additional to all that great information, you’ll also receive these valuable bonuses:

Bonus #1: Written Action Guides and Templates for Each Module that you can keep by your side as you implement your income plan. Value: $49

Bonus #2: Creating Profitable Teleclasses:A webinar training program that will help you design successful teleclasses, including a minute-by-minute breakdown, technology requirements, and how to use teleclasses to build your list and your income. Value: $79

Bonus #3: Secrets to Seeding Your Book: A training program to help you transform your book into a list-building machine.  Value: $79

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Bonus #4: Gain a safety net. Any time you need more money, you can use this system to create additional revenue streams. Value: Pricelesss



tor 2“Expand Your Thinking Regarding the Hidden Potential and Profitability of Your Book”Lynne Klippel is, without question, the best book-writing and online marketing consultant that I have had the privilege to work with. Not only does she have firsthand experience regarding the subtleties and nuances of what it takes to complete a bestselling book, Lynne will expand your thinking regarding the hidden potential and profitability of your book – well beyond what you thought possible. Additionally, her deep knowledge and deft insight are only surpassed by her authentic manner, endearing personality, nurturing spirit and genuine desire to help any author be the best they can be. I learned more from her about online marketing and developing information products in a few short weeks than I learned during my entire 3-year MBA degree program! Do not pass up an opportunity to either work with her or learn from her!

~ Tor Constatintio, MBA, Best-Selling Author of A Question of Faith

dvorah“Developed an Effective, Multi-pronged Approach to Earning Income”By participating in Lynne Klippel’s course I was able to develop an effective, multi-pronged approach to earning income from the content of my book. Lynne showed us how to identify the “why” behind
our reason for writing and publishing our book and the “how” our message can help and serve others. I now have a deeper relationship with my book and feel even more passionate about sharing my message with others.
~ D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed., Best-Selling Author of Book Marketing Made Easy: Simple Strategies for Selling your Nonfiction Book Online


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to have my book finished to benefit from this material?

This program is helpful for any nonfiction authors. You’ll benefit from the material in the course at any stage in the writing process. The Author Income Intensive will guide you all through your writing career from start to finish.

Is there a guarantee?

Like always, this program is covered by my 100% satisfaction guarantee. I stake my reputation on customer satisfaction so if you find the course isn’t for you, just let me know and I’ll provide a full refund.

What’s the investment?

The Author Income Intensive will show you exactly how to create as many income streams from your book as you like. It’s almost like giving you a license to print money but you do have to put forth the effort to implement the steps you will learn.

When you have just one additional income stream, you can earn thousands of dollars in additional income.  What might happen if you have several?

You start learning all the rich information in the Author Income Intensive Home-Study program immediately with an investment of just $197.



$197 (Saves $40)

A few sales of just one information product will cover your investment quickly and easily. What could YOU do to grow your business and fatten up your bank account if you had this information and put it to work in your business?

peg silloway“All the Information, Encouragement and Support I Needed”If you have been wondering about information products and how they can help sell more books, you need to take this course! I knew that adding information products such as articles, teleseminars, and workshops could help build my business, but didn’t have a clue how to start. Lynne provided all the information, encouragement, and support I needed to begin creating this additional source of revenue. Her personal coaching approach made all the difference, and helped me keep moving ahead.

~ Peg Silloway, Author,

dolly“I Love Having an Income Generating Product”When I discovered Lynne Klippel, I was looking for someone to help me create an overall information product development plan.  I had tons of great content, and wanted not only marketing materials, but finished products that people could buy in addition to my private consulting services.  Lynne helped me identify a group of products that my market would want, and helped me create a strategy to develop and produce them. I love having an income generating product I can deliver repeatedly to multiple clients at once, and more cost-effectively for both them and me, that also allows me to have a broader impact. Lynne truly “gets” this process and totally “got” me and my material.

~ Dolly M. Garlo, R.N., J.D., ICF Professional Certified Coach,

amy lippman“I Call Lynne My Fairy Godmother”When I started working with Lynne, my only revenue stream was private and group coaching.  I knew I wanted to create some information products, but I was confused about how to launch into this new realm of business. My goal was to create additional streams of revenue and to serve more people. Lynne was such a joy to work with. (I often called her my fairy godmother.) She helped me sift through my many ideas and create a plan for the year of the products to create. Lynne helped me think through how to price, package, and market products and her advice has been invaluable. I learned a huge amount about online marketing from Lynne, and I know I will be able to use what I learned as I create and launch other products.  Thank you Lynne for your support and guidance!

~ Amy Lippmann, H.H.C., AADP Certified Holistic Health Counselor,

What is your intuition telling you……

Are you ready to stop worrying, struggling, feeling that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach every time you look at your bank balance?

Don’t you deserve a business that supports you, gives you security, and helps you give your very best to the world?

If your intuition is telling you YES, then the Author Income Intensive Home-Study program is for you!.


$197 (Saves $40)

Here’s to your bountiful success,

Lynne Klippel g



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P.S. Are you ready to feel safe and secure in your business?
This training will make it possible for you to create income any time you need it.

peggy j“Stunningly brilliant”

Lynne Klippel is a sincere, caring and talented instructor who shares rarely revealed insider secrets in her classes. Her insights are stunningly brilliant. When Lynne offers a program, don’t punch in her phone number, put her on speed dial.

~ Peggy Jaegly, Life Coach, Harpist, Author, Speaker,

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