Author Salon TV Launches Today

What would you do if you had something that you were deeply ashamed of and could not figure out why it kept happening?

If you were like Colette Baron-Reid, you’d start studying yourself to find out why this problem kept occurring, see if anyone else had a similar issue, and the devote yourself to finding a solution.

In today’s inaugural edition of, my new weekly expert interview series, you’ll hear the story of how Colette created her new best-selling book, Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much.

Our discuss in this interview is full of laughter, deep insights into the process of writing a great book, and fascinating information about how people who are deeply empathetic carry the weight of the world on their bodies, literally. is my new offering designed to give you inspiration, encouragement, and information from successful authors each and every week. Back in sixteenth and seventeenth century Paris, salons were a way to for people learn from artists, scholars, and free thinkers. The salon was filled with lively discussion, diverse guests, and an air of discovery. brings that idea into today’s contemporary world. Each week I’ll bring you a new author who will share about his or her book and the process of writing it. You’ll have one week to enjoy the interview before it goes into the vault and is replaced with a new one.
This free expert interview series is my gift to you. My only request is that if you like it, you share it and tell others about it using the easy share buttons on the site.

Go on over to now and listen to the interview with Colette. She shared some fantastic information that will help you write your book more effectively.

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  • Colette Baron-Reid is the perfect choice to launch AuthorSalon TV. What she shares is insightful, poignant, witty and totally accessible. I love what she says about discovering and embracing what makes each of us unique. Even though I may write about the same topic as six other authors, “Languaging” is the key to differentiating ourselves from each other. Colette also rightly made a too-seldom used point about “saying where (from whom) we get our ideas” … and then putting our own personal spin or slant on them. Voila! Differentiation! Uniqueness! What a JOY to experience Colette’s wisdom, wit and passion this morning. Many thanks, Lynne. Shalom!

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