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Writing During Tense Times

This is a tense week.  People on all sides of the political debate in the US, and even people in other countries, are holding their ptwdbreath, waiting for something terrible to happen.

So how can you still write or work on your business?  Most of us cannot take a week off from our responsibilities

Here’s what I do when I am afraid or overwhelmed and still need to produce ideas or put words on paper:
I put something in order.

Look around your home and let your eyes rest on something messy-  your junk drawer, the top of your desk, the hall closet, or your silverware drawer.  You know what it is…it’s been bugging you but not enough that you took the time to fix it.

Find 15 minutes and put some order into that chaos.  Make it simple. Don’t tell yourself you need to go to the store and get supplies or paint the entire house.  Pick something you can do immediately and easily.


Because we work with intangible ideas.  It’s hard to measure our progress, especially when we are worried or distracted by outside events we cannot control.

Fixing a little mess in your home or office will help you:

  • Work with your hands and rest your mind
  • Feel in control of your environment, at least part of it!
  • See a physical result of your efforts
  •  Experience a feeling of accomplishment
  • Generate new ideas because you rested from  your work and your worries.

This sounds crazy, but it works.  Give it a try this week.  Fix something and then sit down to write.  You’ll be surprised at how your ideas will flow.

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