Book Websites are Changing

I’ve been watching how book websites are evolving and I really like what I’m seeing.

The days of a long, boring sales letter to sell your book are gone. Web visitors no longer have time or the inclination to spend 15 minutes scrolling down the page before they decide if they want to read your book or not.

Today’s hot new book websites are crisp, easy to navigate, and most link directly with Amazon and other online book sellers to complete the actual sale and fulfillment of the book. This is great news as you don’t have to set up an online shopping cart or cart your books to the post office any longer. By delegating the sale of your book to Amazon, you save time and effort and your increase your book’s visibility on the Amazon search rankings.

When you study really successful book websites you’ll notice another change: the design of the site is almost more important that the words.  While strong copy is always a must, today’s winning website combine fewer words with a visually compelling design.  That means each word counts and should be carefully chosen.

I’ve put together a quick website tour for you. Look at these websites and notice the design, ease of purchase, and fresh feel.  I like different things about each of them, but they are all stellar examples of a  leading edge book website.


How do these sites inspire you?

Which ideas will you borrow for your book webpage?

Post your comment below and share your thoughts.

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  • Hi. Had a look at the 4 examples and yes, they are quick to see but no real examples of an author at work. Now take a look at my blogsite website and ask yourself the same question. I do sell books at Amazon, and yes, click on 99cents and whatever I am selling at that price will be there with a direct link to Amazon so that idea is not new. Lots of people talking about writing it seems to me and very little about folk actually doing it. Par for the course I am afraid- known that for over twenty years. Cheers. Mark

  • Great article on how people view your offerings. The new norm is that your web visitor makes their decision in 3 seconds so the visual appeal is as important as the content.

  • Thank you Lynne! Wishing you all the best on your big move!

  • Lynne, thank you so much for all of your wisdom and genuine desire to help! I am about to begin designing my site and I would be so grateful for your opinion regarding CreateSpace E-store vs.

    To sell a book from our website:

    a) Is it best to link to AND CreateSpace e-store, or just
    b) Regarding CreateSpace e-store, I know the author receives a greater percentage of books sold, but does it count toward amazon sales?
    Thank you Lynne!!

    • Hi Nancy-

      My recommendation is that you point book buyers directly to instead of the Create Space store. Sales from CS don’t count towards your Amazon rankings.

      Thanks for a great question!

  • That was cool! I especially liked the middle two sites. (The first one has a wrong link, by the way.) I didn’t realize that every purchase done on Amazon helps the ranking go higher. Why would ANY author not want to link directly to it? Simple is definitely best.

  • Hi Lynn, thanks for sharing this great article. Particularly enjoyed the layout of the Uncertainty site. Simple, concise and user friendly.

    That said, nothing seems ‘free’ these days and unless your a whiz at tech most sites cost a fair bit to get to this quality and standard of professionalism. The reviews from high profile people are also something that money usually can’t buy.

    Hopefully my books will eventually inspire others in the same way. From little acorns eh…

    God bless / peace. Dave AscensionForYou

    • That is a good point David. My suggestion is to take these sites to your more affordable webmaster and see what can be done in your budget.

  • Have been thinking about revamping my web site and I really like these ideas. Thank you for sharing.

  • Thanks for sharing. I am in the process of creating a website for my new book, so this article is timely for me. Blessings, Deborah H. Bateman-Author

  • Lynne, thank you so much for posting this info. It’s really inspired me. The Entrepreneur Equasion did not come up for me. Of the others, I love the simplicity of The Uncertainty Book site. I also love The Fire Starter Sessions and the bullet points provided on the main page. Made me want to know more.

    My creative wheels are turning now for sure on how to bring more life to “The Playful Partnership”.

    Much love to you – Taylore

  • thanks, Lynne….I like people buying my book from Amazon, however, how do you handle even “new” copies of books sold via their Marketplace merchants for a discounted price — and no royalties for the author? [Because of that, I hesitate to send readers/customers to Amazon to purchase my book…]

    Thanks for any insights…..C.

    • Hi Cornelia-
      Those folks who are selling your books via the Marketplace account purchased your book wholesale from your distributor so you still get paid- just indirectly.

  • Thx, Lynne. Good resources. The Entrepreneur Equation link is broken due to a spelling error.

  • Thanks for the post Lynne. These sites are all very clean and crisp. Definitely a trend to be aware of and follow when promoting a book.
    BTW, your first link returns an error
    think it should be

  • Great book sites-thanks for the examples! I am putting these into my folder so they are ready when I am.

    Just FYI-the first link of the four results in a 404 not found message.

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