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Have a Great Book Idea And No Time to Write It?

A well written non-fiction book is one of the most potent marketing tools you could have in your business. People have great respect for published authors. The media sees published authors as newsworthy. Meeting planners on the most exclusive stages seek authors. When you trace the career paths of the most successful people in your industry, you’ll discover that the biggest and brightest use books as business building tools.

You can use a book to skyrocket your profits and standing in your industry if you are a successful:

  • Consultant
  • Coach
  • Internet Marketer
  • Medical Professional
  • Professional Speaker
  • Spiritual Teacher/Leader
  • Real Estate Expert
  • Trainer

There’s a strong business case for having a book. In a study conducted by the Wellesley Hills Group, a whopping 98% of published non-fiction authors achieved a positive return on investment from their books, most specifically in:

  • Increasing Qualified Leads
  • Commanding Higher Prices
  • Generating Additional Speaking Opportunities


And Yet, You are Busy….

A well-written nonfiction book requires at least 200 hours of writing time. If your time is worth at least $500 per hour, you’d lose $100,000 writing your own book. Just think of the high level strategy and work you could create for your business in 200 hours.

Since the dawn of writing, smart people have turned to scribes and ghostwriters to help craft books and other written material. If you are a highly sought-after professional, you simply don’t have the time required to master the intricacies of book writing or struggle with semi colons, concept flow, and chapter outlines.


The Easy and Intelligent Solution

We have a team of highly qualified, trained, and Certified Business Ghostwriters who are ready to create an outstanding business building book, based on your ideas, experience, and knowledge. Then, when you have a manuscript you love, we’ll publish it for you in print and electronic format so that you can start using your book to build your business and your professional reputation to even higher levels of prestige.


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