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Isn't it time for you to stop struggling and get the expert guidance and support you need?


Would you enjoy working with a knowledgeable mentor who can help you move faster, reach higher, and get that book or product of yours written and launched into the world?

As a trained and certified coach, Lynne brings her years of experience in the publishing and library industry, combines it with intuitive deep listening skills, and a unique creative problem solving approach, which creates an easy path to success. She likens herself to a “People Farmer” dedicated to growing authors who surpass their limitations and transform the world with their wisdom.

Clients rave about her ability to easily spot the gold in their ideas and quickly organize those ideas into brilliant books so that the process of writing is a joyful and creative process instead of a frustrating struggle.

With her coaching experience dating back to 2001, Lynne has the skill, experience, and knowledge to help you:

  • Select a marketable topic for your book and plan your content for maximum benefit of your readers
  • Strategically craft a marketing plan so that your book has the very best chance at success
  • Stay focused and empowered while you are writing your book or information product. Writing can be a lonely process. You’ll feel connected and on track with Lynne by your side during the creative process
  • Supplement your book and your income by creating related products and services that produce multiple streams of revenue
  • Step into your brilliance, package your wisdom in book format, and use it to serve others



Katie Curtin, Host of the Creativity Cafe, Creativity and Money Coach

“Imagine being on a long journey seeking something special, at times despairing because you couldn't seem to find what you so wanted. Imagine now, the feelings of joy and relief when you finally come across this much desired treasure.

That's what it was like to finally come upon Lynne Klippel. I'd been working on book ideas for a long time. But I found myself overwhelmed by both the complexity of today's book publishing world, and by the multitude of my own creative ideas and projects. I wanted a book I would be proud of, where I would dive deeply into my subject matter, and which my readers would treasure for years. At the same time, I wanted it to be linked to the coaching work I did, help generate income, and sell well.

Right away Lynne was able to hone into the subject I was most passionate about, suggest ways that got my creative juices racing, and added immeasurably to the depth of the book.

At the same time she helped position my book so that it was intricately tied to my coaching work, and appealing to the kind of creative changemakers, whom I am so passionate about helping out.

Lynne has a sweet and calming presence, an immense knowledge of the writing and the publishing industry, and all the skills and ability to help the aspiring author.

I highly recommend Lynn and her services to anybody thinking of writing a book. She will help you focus on what is most important, deepen your writing, and provide you with a compass for all the intricacies of publishing and promoting your work."


Selecting your ideal book consultant requires more than just some written information on a web page. It requires an evaluation of the person providing the guidance and of the synergy between you.

When the relationship between the consultant and the client is right, incredible progress occurs as if by magic.

The only way to assess this important synergy is to have a conversation about your needs, hopes, and aspirations for your project. Let's talk about your ideas.

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