Delivering Your Audience To Their Intended Destination

A guest article by Jeremy Flagg- one of the outstanding authors in the 90 Day Author JumpStart Coaching program

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do while trying to convey an idea or a point in any form of communication is to find the best route to get our audience from point A to point B. After we’ve figured out what it is we want to communicate, how do we get them there?

While it may be true for some of us communicators that the hardest part is picking a point that we desire to communicate in an article, speech, book chapter, or class lecture and sticking to it – after we pick a point, then we must find a satisfying way of communicating that content. Many years ago I read a book by author and speaker Andy Stanley entitled Communicating For A Change, in which he gave a great method for building teachings around the communicator’s relationship with the audience rather than the content itself. His ideas changed the way I viewed my speaking and writing and have helped me achieve my goal of helping others discover and develop their true potential.

The method centers around five words, each of which represents a section of the message you are trying to communicate. They are:


With this approach the communicator introduces a topic by sharing a difficulty he or she has faced or is currently facing (ME). From there, you seek to find common ground with your audience around the same dilemma or similar circumstances (WE). Then you transition to the delivery of your content so that you can point the audience to the solution of the tension or question you have introduced (POINT). Then you challenge your audience to act on what they have just read or heard (YOU). And finally, you close with several inspirational statements or an inspirational story about what could happen in our lives, our communities, our world, if everybody embraced this particular truth (WE). As you can see, each of the five checkpoints plays a specific and important role in delivering your audience to their intended destination.

So how can you use this tool in your efforts to deliver your audience to their intended destination? Perhaps it would help if I gave you one complete example of how this process looks.

ME – Sometimes I find myself wanting to give up on my dreams when I arrive at obstacles that seem insurmountable and I feel like a failure.

WE – I imagine you have found yourself in situations where you feel like giving up on everything you’ve worked so hard to manifest in your life as well.

POINT – The life of Nelson Mandela teaches us the about the prevailing power of perseverance in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Disappointments, setbacks and mistakes are a part of life, but failure is the choice to give up.

YOU – The next time you are faced with the feeling of failure, ask yourself this question, “If I give up now, am I missing my opportunity to prevail in the future?”

Conclusion: When I give up, I fail and miss my chance to prevail.

WE – Imagine what would happen in our lives if we all began to model a prevailing attitude towards our obstacles instead of giving up in the face of adversity.

I hope that example helped you to see how, in just a few short minutes, you can be on your way to igniting an accelerated path of change in the lives of your readers and listeners.

Imagine creating catalyzing communication and delivering your audience to their intended destination every single time. I can. And now, so can you.

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Jeremy Flagg is a life, leadership, and relationship coach whose main message is that your past does not have to become your future because YOUR BEST IS NEXT. For more information about his products, events, speaking engagements, and coaching services please visit:

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  • What a profoundly insightful yet simple and concise stepping stones for delivering meaningful content to your audience. I have been looking for the secret to refining my delivery…and those five simple words will work wonders. Thank you so much for the clarity of your article.

  • Site under construction. 1st book being published soon. Bloom Girl Bloom (Real Women with Real Answers)
    I am a speaker and a mentor also. You have give me a another easy to remember way to be very effective! Thank you!

  • Wow, thanks for that crisp summary, Jeremy.
    Me:I’m about to re-write a report and this came at a perfect time.
    We: I bet others too are writing articles or reports.
    Point: This 5-step outline helps organize and focus a jumble of thoughts.
    You: Try it and I bet you’ll see the pieces fall into place.
    We: Imagine how much frustration we’ll release, how much time and energy we’ll save, and how much joy we’ll have in writing and speaking, with this simple 5-point outline.
    Thanks again!

  • I loved this article! Very simple and yet a very powerful method for getting the message across. Thanks so much!

    – Cindy
    Black Horse Consulting
    Spirited Life & Wellness Coach
    for Equines/Equestrians

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