Done For You


If you just can’t write your book, website copy, plan your book marketing or create your information product, why not hire our team to complete it for you?

Sometimes, there just are not enough hours in the day to write. If that’s your situation, a discreet, high-quality ghostwriter can act as your scribe, writing your book, product, or website copy in YOUR voice. It’s your wisdom, your story, your passion but you don’t have to take the time to put it all into words. That same ghostwriter can create your ecourse, blog, home study course, teleclass, or workbook.

Then, our team can handle all the production details, so you have a published book or product that you can use to build your business for years. You turn us loose to create your masterpiece, so that you have time to attend to your business, your family, and your life.


What is it like to work with a ghostwriter?

As in everything, there are different levels of ghostwriters. Some simply transcribe recordings of you talking and call that a book. We don’t. We take great pride in writing on your behalf and will create something that make you proud…and makes you money.

When you work with us on your book or information product, you will participate in a proven process that not only helps the writer capture your voice and wisdom but gives you a high quality book or product that you will be proud of for years to come.

Most importantly, no one will know that you used a ghostwriter, unless you want to tell them. We never break your confidentiality.

Ghostwriting is a big project that requires a significant investment of time and money. It is not for everyone but is a lifesaver for busy entrepreneurs who will never find the time or writing prowess to write a book or information product.

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