Don’t Give Up On December

December can be a challenging month for authors and entrepreneurs. There are holiday celebrations to plan and attend, decorating, parties, and end of the year paperwork to complete. It can be tempting to just give up on December and decide that you won’t get any work done on your book or be able to make any progress with your business.

That’s just a story you tell yourself.

Instead of believing that story this year, change it up. Decide today that you will be productive in December, making solid progress on your writing and your business as well as enjoying all the special holiday events with family and friends.

How can you do this?

Sit down with your calendar today. Schedule at least two thirty-minute writing sessions each week. Make them early in the morning when you are fresh or late at night when the house is quiet.

Then, keep these appointments with yourself just like you would honor appointments with your most important client.

Next, find a couple of blocks of at least ninety minutes during the month. Perhaps a Sunday afternoon while the family is watching sports, or when the little ones are napping. You only need two of these blocks of time during the month. Call the first of these sessions ‘Dreaming Time’. Use it to create what you would like to experience in 2013 in your business and your personal life.

Create something tangible from this dreaming session. You could make lists of what you want, develop a timeline, complete a calendar, or build a new vision board. The key aspects of this dreaming session to:
• Decide what you want
• Put that desire in writing or other tangible form
• Begin to use those dreams to shape your plans for 2013

Dreaming Time then leads to Strategy Time, your second block of time. Once you have a clear picture of what you want for 2013, use your this time to figure out how you can make those dreams a reality.

You won’t be able to plan out everything. There should be room in every plan for magic, serendipity, and Spirit, but you must do your part by taking action steps that lead you closer to your goals.

If you will take schedule your writing time and your Dream/Strategy Time today, you will end December ready to take on 2013 with joy, passion, and confidence.

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