Golden Nuggets from Successful Authors

Since the Successful Author Secrets program is in full swing this month, I wanted to give you some golden nuggets of information shared by our expert panel thus far in the program.

Taming Your Writing Gremlins

  • Every Author faces fears and negative self – talk regarding her writing.  These fears fall into two areas- lack of knowledge and lack of confidence.   You can learn everything you need to know about how to write a book and make it successful.  Your confidence will grow as you write.  Make it a habit to write something every day by journaling, blogging, or working on your book.  The more you engage in the act of writing, the more your confidence will develop.

Building a Buzz for Your Book-

  • Marketing a book is nothing more than sharing your gifts.  If you can begin to build a tribe of your ideal readers before you publish your book by being active on social media, teaching, speaking, blogging, and publishing articles, you will create a group of loyal fans who will become like family.  They will be the first to buy your book and tell others about it.  They will also provide you with feedback, support, and much joy as you serve them with your wisdom.

Quieting Your Mind so That You Can Write-

  • Meditation is an essential tool for enhancing your creativity and writing skill.  By taking time to quiet your mind on a daily basis, you will write more productively as well.  Stress and fear bind up your creativity and block your ability to produce new ideas.  Any steps you can take to center and calm your mind will pay off with fresh ideas and more prolific writing.

Claiming Your Author Authority-

  • Your Author Authority, otherwise known as your Platform, consists of your education, experience, results and knowledge.  No one else in the world has had the same experiences as you, so your writing is unique and special.  Once you can articulate your unique point of view and use it to help others solve a problem or be entertained via your writing, you can not only write successful books, you can create information products to bring in additional income.

Social Media in 2012-

  • The top three social media sites for authors in 2012 are Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest.  These sites are great places to connect with your ideal readers.  Your social media efforts should be started as soon as possible so if you are not active on these sites, you can begin now.  Start with Facebook and master it first.  YouTube videos are also effective ways for you to let readers see your face and connect with your positive energy as well as read your words.  The social media trend is not a passing but a wonderful playground of opportunity for authors.

Emerging Trends in PR-

  • Radio is a great opportunity for authors seeking media coverage.  There is an abundance of terrestrial and internet based radio shows which offer authors the opportunity for lengthy interviews, deep discussions and wider exposure to new readers.  To attract media coverage, you need a good bio, a set of prepared interview questions, and a pitch.  Your pitch is a quick email which demonstrates that you have interesting information to share.  The media is looking for guests who entertain or educate their listeners so it is important that your pitch emphasizes the value to the listeners instead of the fact that you have a new book.

As you can see, becoming a Successful Author requires some learning and study.  Which one of these ideas sparks your creativity?  Share your ideas here by posting a comment.

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