Great Music to Write With

When I am writing, I love to have music in the background.  It helps me feel more calm, centered, and creative.Woman Listening to Headphones

However, it has to be a certain type of music.  When I’m writing, song lyrics distract me.  It seems like the words in the music stop me from hearing the words making their way from my fingers onto the paper.  It may not be true for you, but I write best to instrumental music.

Have you heard of

It’s a free online radio site with a wide variety of music from today’s hits to classical.  I love this site!

Right now I am listening to New Age Solo Piano, a Jango station that plays lovely, calming, yet upbeat music.  If I tire of that, I can try jazz, classical, or even listen to some rock and roll from my teen years.  Jango makes it easy to match the mood of your music to the mood of your day….and your writing.

Even better, when you register, you only hear one commercial during each day.  Some of the other online music stations I’ve listened to in the past were full of annoying advertisements or required that I click a button to move from one song to the next.  With Jango, I enjoy a stream of lovely music and no distractions.

What about you?  Do you have a favorite soundtrack for your writing?  Share it in the comments below and help others find music that helps them write.


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