Michael Godfrey
Author of Without Regret

“I wasn't sure if publishing a book of my own would ever happen.  But, the supportive, encouraging team at Business Building Books made the publication of my first book one of the most pleasant, problem-free experiences of my career.  From concept to final product, the team was highly professional and committed to letting the book be ‘mine.’  The excellence of the editing was confirmed when my clients say, ‘I hear your voice as I read.’  Many speak of the beauty of the cover art. I plan to partner with this group again.  And, by the way, Lynne Klippel is one of the nicest, most well-informed, capable individuals I know.  After this experience, I am privileged to call her friend.”



Maia Beatty
Author of Dance Into Your Power

“Why would anyone ever want to write a book without Lynne Klippel? Working with Lynne on my fifth book, Dance into Your Power, answered that question for me—emphatically. No one should ever have to!

Here’s why:

  1. Lynne is your biggest fan—she’s been where you are as an author and she knows what you’re going through. She’s been around the publishing industry for over a decade and she’s written 7 books, including several best-sellers. As a result, she knows the shortest and most effective way to do everything you need to do to complete your book from start to finish: from a glimmer of an idea to a completed manuscript to a powerfully edited masterpiece ready to take its place on the short list of the greatest books in your industry. She’ll show you exactly what to do and be cheering you along, every step of the way.
  2. Lynne is meticulous with details. There’s nothing you need to know that she doesn’t know. She guides you through the entire publishing process at your own pace; she gives you just enough information every step of the way to inspire you to greatness. With the help of Lynne’s practiced eye for all those details, I found myself moving through the two-and-a-half-year process of writing this book with an ease and grace I had never experienced with my previous four books. Lynne gives you every tool you need along the way, exactly when you need it. Her knowledge and skill are awe-inspiring; the patience and grace with which she shares them make her one-of-a-kind.
  3. Lynne absolutely loves her authors! She loves her work and she loves her industry. All this love makes her generous, patient, and intuitive with you; she knows exactly what you need, when you need it, so you can create your masterpiece. (She doesn’t do it alone, either. She’s gathered a team of experts who are every bit as passionate and skilled at their work as she is and who love her authors, too.) Her belief in me made me fearless; on the few occasions I got sidetracked, Lynne got me right back on track with her clear-eyed compassion and tender coaching.

Lynne Klippel takes the pain out of publishing! Working with her has transformed my experience of what it’s like to create a masterpiece. I won’t start another book without her—in fact, we’ve already begun talking about my next one.

If you want to experience the deepest joy of being an author, you want to work with Lynne. Run—don’t walk!—to her contact page and start working with her now!”



Susan Freeman
Author of Step Up Now

“If you have any intention of writing and publishing a book, Lynne Klippel is a ‘must-have’ on your team. She is the consummate professional; Knowledgeable, polished, pro-active, thoughtful, insightful. As if that weren’t enough, Lynne makes an otherwise daunting process for a first-time author actually fun. She has an entire team of equally skilled professionals to bring to your project, all of whom share her passion for excellence. I am thrilled with the finished product of our work together, and endorse Lynne’s services without reservation.”



Tina Forsyth
Author of The Entrepreneur's Trap

“The ultimate question for any writer—should you self-publish your book or go the traditional publishing route? I have a better option—you could just hire Lynne and you’ll have the best of both worlds! It’s really important to me that I have control over the publishing process BUT I also didn’t want to do it all on my own. Lynne was totally onboard with my rather short timeline (I like to do things fast) and she led me step-by-step through the process. All I had to do was write the book, and Lynne and her team did the rest. I couldn’t sing her praises enough, hire her today.”



Simon Reilly
Author of Curing the Unmet Needs Disease

“Lynne Klippel has a heart of gold and that of a lion.

I bow to anyone that has ventured to write a book because it was like walking into Mordor from The Lord Of The Rings, as I was tested more than any other time in my life.

I’m so thankful that I had Lynne beside me to keep the Orcs of my mind at bay that would have me cast aside my endeavors more than once.

Lynne knows what she is doing and is a fantastic guide and facilitator from conception, to developmental editing, to copy editing, to cover, to printing and right through to marketing the book.

Writing and publishing a book is too big a challenge to go it alone and I might be still struggling with the realization of Curing The Unmet Needs Disease if it had not been for Lynne. ”



Rebecca Field
Author of To Choose the Fire of the Cosmos

“Lynne Klippel and her team met my every expectation. Lynne Klippel saw to it that the physical presentation of the book I wrote was beautiful, compelling, curiosity-arousing and inviting.

Lynne carried out her end of our contract to the letter and best of all she kept me informed about what the author needs to know about what's happening behind the scenes. She even managed to get my project finished six weeks earlier than I had anticipated.

It was great good fortune for me to have been introduced to Lynne and I would recommend her work to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable and active publisher. She was efficient, very professional, appropriately communicative, and pleasant to work with. She was always on top of the project and moved it along quickly.”



Atul N. Shah
Author of Allergies, and Awesome You

"As an aspiring author, when I was looking for resources to help me spread my message to empower allergic children, I was thrilled to connect with Lynne Klippel. She is a great teacher, wonderful person and truly dedicated to clients' success. I strongly recommend her services."



Elaine Lockhard

"I just had the pleasure of attending Lynne's ‘Write a Great Book Fast’ class series. It was packed full of helpful information, delivered in a straight forward, easy-to- understand manner and presented a detailed writing process that makes writing a book much simpler than I ever would have dreamed. Up until now, just the thought of writing a book intimidated me but no more! And the process can even be used in many other writing projects, from articles to manuals to courses. This class is a must for anyone who writes as part of their business or just wants to write a book for the sake of doing it."