Quick and Easy Ways to Select the Perfect Book Topic- Part 3 of 3

This is the final article in a 3 part series.  Check the previous posts list on your right for the other two articles if you missed them.Colorful Confetti

To take these exercises one step further, create a mind-map for each step on your learning path brainstorming all the ideas and information you know today about each step.  I like to create my mind maps on big sheets of paper or a white board.  However, there are some excellent free online mind mapping tools which are also very effective.  I like www.thebrain.com, www.mindmeister.com and www.xmind.net.

Your mind map can then be transformed into an outline for the table of contents to your book.  Use this template:

Chapter 1- introduction to the topic of the book and why you have an answer

Chapter 2- what happens when the problem goes unsolved

Middle chapters of the book- go through each point in your learning path with one or two chapters per step

Second to the last chapter- special instructions for areas of great challenge

Final chapter- summarize and motivate readers to implement the solutions in the book—-leave them with a smile and the belief they can overcome the problem

Now you have created order of chaos.  When you can organize your ideas using these simple tools, you will free your creativity to produce more great ideas but they will be targeted to your book topic instead of a distraction.

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