Show and Tell- A Peek Behind the Scenes of a Freshly Published Book

Today, we celebrate the newest Love Your Life Publishing book, Step Up Now: 21 Powerful Principles for People Who Influence Others by Susan S. Freeman.

Susan gave me the opportunity to publish her book and design her new website, She wrote a wonderful book so it was a joy to write her website copy and create a really professional website to showcase both the book and her business.

I’d like to use her new website as a case study so you can see some of the best practices in book websites today.

Go over to and review this site as you read this article.

First, notice how we tied the colors and look of the website to match her book cover, using similar fonts, and images in the header and footer.

Secondly, we made sure that you felt Susan’s personality on all the pages. There’s a nice video of her on the front page, great author photos all over the site, and links to all her social media sites on every page. Review the page entitled, The Juggler and Me, which is a story about how Susan developed her work which is more personal than her standard bio, which is also featured on the site. Also notice her blog, and the wonderful photos from her recent trip to Africa, another way to high her unique personality and experiences

There’s a nice opt in offer on the first page, inviting people to register to download a content rich recording, which will help Susan build a mailing list of people who are potential readers and clients. Susan also started a newsletter so that those who opt in for her recording will continue to receive valuable information on a regular basis.

Next, look at the Book page. Notice the how we stressed the benefits of her book in the copy and then featured testimonials from early readers. These testimonials were also used on the first page of her book, to highlight the fact that others have read the book and liked it. Testimonials are social proof of the value of your book or services so we used them liberally throughout the entire website.

Finally look at the media page. This page provides all the information a member of the press would need to successfully interview Susan, including sample interview questions. As Susan receives additional media coverage, she will update the page with links to additional interviews. This page will become an important part of her author’s platform.

It was a joy working with Susan on this project and I predict she will do very well with her book. She wrote a great manuscript and participated fully in the development of her book and website. I can highly recommend her book to everyone in a leadership position. I am so proud of her!

Study her website and decide what you like best about it. Then, consider what ideas you can use for your own sites.

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