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Is Your Book Just a Hobby?

There are two kinds of authors who call me to ask for help with their books. There are the authors who want to write a book to build their business and the authors who treat their books as a hobby.

Personally, I love hobbies. In my former profession as an Occupational Therapist, I taught people how important it was to have hobbies that bring them joy, reduce stress, and add meaning to life. If you write simply for the pleasure of creating art with your words, I salute you. Writing is a hobby that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

However, if you want to write a book and use it to help others while making an income, you are an entrepreneurial author. As an entrepreneurial author, you need more information and support than the hobbyist writer.

You need a solid plan to write, market, and use your book to build your business. In short, you need a way to create a great book and a great income so that the time and effort you invest in your book pays off.

I am so passionately committed to helping you succeed as an entrepreneurial author, that I have changed the name of my website. Love Your Life Publishing still exists and will continue to publish great books as an arm of Business Building Books, Inc. Under this new banner, I will bring you more training, more support, and more information on how to, not just write your book, but use it effectively to transform the lives of your ideal readers while you support yourself and your loved ones, too.

There are too many authors who are broke and struggling. This tragedy has to stop.

Becoming a successful author is not about get-rich-quick schemes or sleazy sales tactics that pressure people into doing something they don’t want to do. Becoming a successful author is about serving your readers from a place of high integrity AND meeting your own needs at the same time.

It can be done!

It takes knowledge, effort, passion, and perseverance. It also helps to have some expert guidance and mentoring along the way. If you are an entrepreneurial author, I pledge to give you even more support, information and encouragement. If you are a hobbyist author, you are welcome to stay with us and use whatever information that I present which serves you and your art.

But today, I am making a public declaration that I am here to help authors build a business with their books. It’s time. The world desperately needs more books with uplifting positive messages and authors who are able to speak, teach, and present from a place of peace instead of fear.

And today, I ask you to think carefully about your book. Are you a happy hobbyist or a committed entrepreneurial author? Which path is right for you?

If you are ready to make a public declaration of your intent, post a comment here so we can all support you in making it a reality.