The Summer Book Marketing Changed

There is something you have to see- something that will change book marketing forever.  I am honored to be publishing Kathleen Gage’s new book this summer and behind the scenes  we’ve been putting together themost amazing book marketing campaign I’ve ever seen.

I want you to watch this and see what kind of inspirations you can glean for your own book.  I’ll probably teach some of this in the future, but you can learn much now by observing this process.

The first step to this amazing book launch is a new twist on a telesummit- however each expert interview is only 5 minutes long!

People today are overloaded by too much info so this concise format really works for a free yet high quality event.

Go check out the high caliber speakers here:

This pre-launch summit will be followed by a flurry of other book marketing activities over the next 6 weeks.  We have very high hopes for this book and intend to hit #1 overall on Amazon, not just in one category but for all of Amazon!!

We’re doing it with these ingredients:

1.  A very well written book with top-flight editing and design

2.  A masterful marketing campaign with innovative twists

3.  A host of people who love the book and are willing to help us promote it

Go now and register for the free summit, where Global experts like Denise Wakeman, Doug Foresta, Susan Lassiter-Lyons, Pat Mussieux, Connie Ragen Green, Nancy Marmolejo, Lou Bortone and other top notch leaders willingly pull back the cover to teach you what you need to do to stay ahead of the competition.

You’ll learn about podcasting, video marketing, Google+ hangouts, opt-ins, how to stand out, the power of presence and so much more.

Get the series by clicking

By the way, nothing is sold on the summit at all…how’s that for a refreshing twist?

It’s  going to be a great summer for book marketing!  Think about how much more you’ll know by the end of August.

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