The Trucker and the Artist

I know several professional trucker drivers.  I am in awe of the way they can maneuver those huge trucks into tiny spaces, back truckthem up, and drive safely mile after mile.

I was thinking about them the other day when I was procrastinating on a writing project.  I wasn’t feeling too inspired and wondered if I should do something else, like check Facebook or look at new books on Amazon.  Does that sound familiar?

Truck drivers don’t really dwell much on inspiration.  They get a job, figure out a map to reach the destination, and then start driving.  If they don’t reach the destination, they don’t get paid.  Artists are different.  They deal in inspiration and on the days where the inspiration runs dry, they are better off working on something else.

Authors can benefit from both approaches.  We pull in the creativity, inspiration, and imagination of the artist, especially when we are birthing ideas, concepts, even the structure of our books.  However, there are many days when we need to operate more like truck drivers.  On those days we look at the map of our book, figure out where we are and where we want to arrive before the end of the day, and then sit down and drive our fingers across the keyboard.

We writers dwell in both the world of art and the world of manual labor.  Both have an important role in the creation of our art.  Both are worthy endeavors.  Some days we wear the beret of the artist and other days, the ball cap of the trucker.

The key to success is to be intentional about which stance your project needs most on any given day.  Do you need time to creatively brainstorm and develop new ideas?  That’s an artist day.  Or, do you need to spend some time working on the ideas you already have?  That’s a trucker day.  You get to decide and that is beauty of the writing life!

So, what kind of a day does your book need now?  Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

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  • Lynne I love your writing and your use of metaphors to apply to our writing process. This particular article is so helpful right now as I do need to be the trucker that loads the truck before I can take it to its destination. I have my bits and pieces in so many places. I think the artist in me enjoys the chaos of the creative process more then the hard work of organizing and putting it together. Especially when there are only a few more pieces involved. But the ideas for another book ore two are coming in which is the exciting part for me.
    I did have a breakthrough for my procrastination though when I read some history about numerologists in Egypt.

    • Thank you Darlene- I find that research and reading can really inspire my writing too. It’s like a treasure hunt for new things to share with your readers.
      Keep on trucking!

  • You made two excellent points in one blog…i kinda forget about why one day things go better than other days…especially when it is time to be creative.

    Much appreciate all the work you put into your articles, Lynne!

  • Thank you for this reminder Lynne. I have as you are aware many books that I have been developing , brainstorming has been going on since 2003.
    NOW I need to be the truck driver . The task master. Get it to its delivery.
    With deep gratitude for the reminder.

    What is “book creation circle” and where do I go to find it??
    May your day be filled with grace.
    PS: I loved the cover of the latest book you published, “Spirit Script” . Lovely.

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