Top 10 Ways to Promote a Virtual Book Tour

by Dana Lynn Smith

What if you could promote your book to a large, highly targeted audience from the comfort of home, get people buzzing about your book and sharing it with others, and get valuable backlinks to your website? You can, with a virtual book tour.

On a virtual book tour, authors promote their books by making “virtual” guest appearances during a particular time frame on blogs, podcasts, radio shows, social networks, or other venues. These appearances can include articles, written or audio interviews, contests and giveaways, and book reviews by tour hosts.

One of the keys to a successful virtual book tour is to work with your hosts to promote the tour to as many people as possible.

Promoting a virtual book tour is similar to promoting a book launch — you’ll be using a variety of online promotional tools to attract visitors to the tour.  Like any marketing campaign, it’s important write down a plan and schedule specific dates for each activity.

Here are 10 ways that you and your tour hosts can promote a virtual book tour:

  1. Do some social posts, blog posts and newsletter articles prior to the tour, to let your readers know that it’s coming up.
  2. Send out a press release the day before the tour begins. You can use a free online press release service and also send a release to your local media and to any writing organizations that you belong to.
  3. Do a blog post on the day the tour starts, listing the tour schedule and linking to the first stop. Point people to your tour Web page and encourage them to sign up for the tour’s RSS feed.
  4. Send a notice to your mailing list about the tour, linking to the tour page Web page.
  5. Promote the tour in your newsletter and on your podcast.
  6. Send an email to friends and family who might be interested and/or willing to share the tour information with their friends.
  7. Post an ad on your website or blog promoting the tour.
  8. Produce a short audio clip or video inviting people to follow the tour, then post it on your website and also offer it to your tour hosts. Video clips can also be posted on YouTube.
  9. Do a series of posts on each of your social networks, linking to each tour stop.
  10. Post invitations to follow the tour on relevant groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, and in relevant forums that you belong to (if permitted by the group or forum rules). Also schedule an Event on Facebook.

The more everyone promotes the tour, the more traffic you and the tour hosts will get to your websites. Make it easy on your hosts by providing ideas and pre-written promotional material.

For step-by-step instructions on how to organize and promote your own successful virtual book tour, see the Virtual Book Tour Magic guidebook for authors.


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  • I had a question: I often work with authors who are interested in a blog tour even though they might not have a blog themselves. Should I advise them to get a blog first and then start on a tour or should I proceed regardless?

    • Hi Charles- It is really smart for authors to have a blog. Members of the media just assume that authors will be blogging. I’d suggest having the author start a blog first before the blog tour. Doing it in that order will give a better result from the tour.
      Thanks for this excellent question!

  • Thanks for sharing. Some very useful ideas especially the idea of an RSS feed to keep people updated about the tour- great idea

  • Lynne, thanks so much for sharing my article about virtual book tours,and have a wonderful new life in Ecuador!

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