When to Take Your Book on the Road

As an author and an entrepreneur, it is important that you leave the cocoon of your home office and meet others. One of the best ways to do this is to attend live events. When you attend a live training event, workshop, or seminar, you have the opportunity to discuss your ideas with people who are positive, motivated, and pursuing similar goals. You learn new information from your industry, and you can watch industry leaders in action so that you can model some of their successful actions if you wish.

On the other hand, attending live events can be costly, stressful, and a waste of time that could be better spent working on your book or your business.

How to ensure that you attend events that serve you instead of cost too much time and money?

First, carefully select an event in which you will learn new information that you can apply right away. Screen the presenters carefully to ensure they have a proven success record in working with people like you and helping them achieve results. Attend a free teleclass with teachers you are considering and see if you like the energy, style and mind-set of the presenter. There are many wonderful potential teachers and mentors available, but not all of them will be a fit for your needs and your style.

Next, check the agenda for the event. Does the content fill a need for you? Will you be able to use the information quickly to replace the money that you spent on the travel by attracting a new client, creating a new product or program, or improving your marketing?

Once you have decided on an event to attend, set a clear intention for yourself. Create a specific goal such as getting feedback on your book title from five people, finding a new joint venture partner, or learning a specific skill that you need. Remember your goal at the event. It is easy to become distracted by all the new information and wonderful people and lose sight of the business reason you are attending.

Lastly, enjoy yourself and meet as many new people as possible. Invite others to eat lunch or dinner with you, change tables every day, and introduce yourself to others during breaks so that you can bask in the company of as many attendees as possible. When you work alone, you can begin to feel as if you are the only one writing a book or striving to build a business. The people you connect with at live events will help you see that you are part of a community. This feeling of connection is empowering and exhilarating.

When you follow these tips, you will attend events that challenge, inspire, and empower you. You will meet wonderful people and find that they are interested in you and your ideas. Most importantly, you will implement what you learned when you return home so that you can propel yourself forward.

What’s your best tip for maximizing a live event? Share it here so we can continue this conversation.

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  • Thanks for reminding me that when attending events, not only is intention important, but creating opportunities and focusing on specific goal(s) are keys to fruitfulness of attending events. I am going to immediately put into practice the valuable tips that you shared.

  • Wow, Lynne. What an insightful article. Thanks for sharing. I love the tip about sitting at a new table every day as well as seeking out new people at the breaks. It takes a conscious effort to reach out in new directions, but action steps are the only way to grow.

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