How To Write A Great Book Fast So You Can Build Your Business And Profit By Claiming And Sharing Your Expertise To Empower And Transform The World

How you can use a powerful, proven, paint-by-numbers system to write a great book fast even if you've said, "I have NO idea how to get started…but I'd like to write a book someday."

Writing a book is overwhelming, isn't it? You've started, stopped, started again, only to get frustrated trying to write your book.
You know you have to write a book. It's inside you. It wants to write itself. You feel it in your heart every time you think about it.
But, when you sit down to write, you hear yourself questioning everything you're doing. You can't seem to get what you want to say out onto the page. You lose your train of thought in translating your ideas in a meaningful way that identifies with your audience.
Many of your business peers and teachers have written successful books. You see their success, hear about their book signings, and wonder when you'll be able to do the same. You know you have to write a book to connect with your audience and grow your business. You just can't seem to understand how the puzzle pieces connect to write a book that makes sense.

I understand your frustration.

If you are like many of the authors I work with, you've:

  • Had “Write My Book” on your to-do list for years, and feel guilty because you aren’t making any progress.
  • Started your book, maybe even a couple of times, and got stuck in the middle of the writing process.
  • Feel a deep, soul-centered call to write a book and share your wisdom with the world but are overwhelmed by the entire process of becoming a successful author.

If You Haven't Written A Book Yet, It's Probably Because You've Believed The Biggest Myths Of The Book Publishing Industry…

There are many myths about writing a book. Many people believe and allow these to stop them from writing their great book. If you have a business right now and know there's a great book inside you, now's the time to write your book.
That means being aware of the biggest myths of the book publishing industry which may have unconsciously been influencing you…

For example, if you've ever thought:

  • I have to earn my place on a bookshelf by getting a PhD.
  • It'll take me years to write a book.
  • I can't write well enough to be an author.
  • I don't know where to start on my book.
  • Who am I to tell others what to do in my book?
  • No one but my mother will read my book.

You are putting off writing your book when you can easily get started today.

The TRUTH is:

  • Writing a book is simple if you understand the process.
  • You can use the experience you've already gained to write your book.
  • Becoming an author requires learning some new tools, systems, and strategies so that you can avoid first-time author mistakes.
  • Completing your book will take some time….and there are many ways to streamline that time commitment, even if you have a busy schedule.
  • Many people are waiting to learn the wisdom you have to transform their lives.

You CAN do it. I know because I did it. I've also helped so many others write successful books that built their businesses too.

My Path To Writing A Book To Build My Coaching Business

My name is Lynne Klippel. When I was a kid, I got into loads of trouble for hiding out with a good book instead of doing my chores. I've always been crazy about books AND about helping people. I've been a librarian, a teacher, a best-selling author, publisher, a book coach, and a ghost writer since 2004.

Before I wrote my first book in 2002, I was going broke attending networking meetings, begging for speaking engagements, and spending all my time coaching for free because I could not stand out in a crowded field of other coaches. That first book changed everything.

I decided to write my first book in order to grow my struggling career coaching business. I wrote my first book because I saw a need in my own family and in the lives of the clients whom I was coaching.  As soon as that book was published, I was invited to appear on radio and television; people PAID ME to give speeches, and clients were calling me on the phone.

To top it all, my story was featured in a national magazine, Working Mother Magazine.
This book changed my life and my business dramatically.  I went from losing money every month to an abundant flow of clients and contracts.

Soon other coaches, consultants, healers, and small business owners were asking me to help them write and publish business building books.

How To Write A Great Book Fast Experiences…

"Encouraged me to put my personal charisma in my book"

"Write a Great Book Fast taught me about a professional format for a book, gave me a realistic writing plan, answered my questions, supported me through my writing process, and encouraged me to use several creative approaches to put my personal charisma into my book."

~ Jan Puta author of Pathways: Tales for the Spiritual Seeker

"From book in my head to book in my hands"

"If you have ever said to yourself, "I should write a book", you need this course and you need it NOW. Lynne is not only one of the nicest people you will ever meet, she is also credible and extremely knowledgeable about the book writing process.

In Write a Great Book Fast, she has created a process that takes you by the hand so you can write your book. I should know! I was one of the first Write a Great Book Fast alums and now am a successful author. So do what I FINALLY did; get that book out of your head and onto paper. You'll be glad you did."

~ Susan Guiher,

"I didn't have a clue…now I am published and changing lives!"

"When I joined the Write a Great Book Fast class, I didn't have a single word written or any clue about the 'book world'.  With no experience writing or getting a book published, I barely had the confidence that I could do it. Lynne's warm manner and 'you can do this' attitude boosted my confidence, not only in my ability to write, but also, in my ability to maneuver in the world of book publishing.

Write a Great Book Fast helped me not only write a book, but to develop a platform for marketing, speaking, and selling. Best part, and perhaps the most important part, is that with the confidence I gained to get this book completed and its message out there; we are receiving dozens of letters and notes from people telling us how this book is profoundly changing their lives. Imagine if we kept that bottled up."~ Vanessa Wesley,

If You Haven't Written Your Book Yet, It's Probably Because You Didn't Have A Step-By-Step Way To Do It!

In my exclusive learn-from-home course, Write a Great Book Fast, you learn a step-by-step system that has been successfully used by hundreds of aspiring non-fiction authors just like you.

Just think, you can get started today!
Each easy to understand lessons features a 75 minute audio teaching you all of the steps in my system, worksheets, action steps, full transcripts in case you would rather learn by reading and my powerful Spiritual Tools to help you write your book fast. These Spiritual Power Tools engage your passion, open up your creative flow, and make the process of creating your book fun.
Here's what you learn from Write A Great Book Fast:

Step 1 - Setting the Stage for Author Success

  • Discover the best way to warm up your writing muscles so that you are primed and ready to write your book every time you sit down to do it! No more waiting on “the muse” to show up. You attract the muse to write every time you do this step.
  • Learn how to create an idea bank to capture all of the ideas that flow through your mind so they no longer bog you down or are forgotten, but add to any writing project you’re doing.
  • Uncover a system to leverage your existing wisdom and brilliance to use what you’re writing about in your book for ongoing marketing materials that includes articles, blog posts, presentations, website copy, and more! No more racking your brain for new material, you already have it all inside you and it comes out when you’re writing your book.
  • Select which publishing pathway you will choose to get your book out into the world, based on your business goals and your personal style.
  • Tap into your creativity while you write your book.

Step 2 - Understanding the Nuts and Bolts of Successful Books

  • Learn the precise method I use to structure every transformational book we write and publish at Business Building Books.
  • Know exactly how many pages and words your book should be by using a simple technique I call “Book Math” to hold your readers’ attention, even if your least favorite subject is math. You’ll find this easy!
  • Discover the anatomy of a successful book, complete with details on what to put in each section of your book- front matter, main body, and back matter- so that your book looks professional and is complete for publishing
  • Select a content management system that organizes your book writing and creates a structure so that you can spend more time writing and less time worrying.
  • Know who you’re writing this book for by using a Spiritual Power Tool to visualize your ideal reader and connect deeply with what that readers desires so that you can write a book that transforms your reader….and the world.

Step 3 - Strategically Selecting Your Topic and Building Your Business

  • Know exactly how you will measure your book’s success.
  • Strategize how to select the right topic for your book that will guarantee its success in the marketplace.
  • Discover exactly how to create a return on investment from your book with a simple way to plan for it holistically. This is precisely what million dollar authors do…you can do it too!
  • Know how your book contributes to the conversation going on right now with your target audience and discover what you need to know to stand out from the competition.
  • Create what I call a “Vision Based Marketing Plan” for your book. Use passion, clarity, and focus in your book project to get your book and marketing plan out of your head and on paper to drive the success of your book.

Step 4 - Uncovering the Secret Sauce Which Makes Your Book Sell

  • Create a bond with your reader that demonstrates that you understand, you care, and you can help
  • Develop the Learning Path your reader will take to how to solve their problem
  • Craft your table of contents for maximum impact on the lives of your readers
  • Write a title and subtitles that will attract your ideal reader like a magnet and create a powerful desire to read your book.
  • Learn how to use your stories in a strategic and meaningful way

Step 5 - Instant Connection With Your Ideal Readers

  • Discover and create a one sentence summary of your book that will instantly attract ideal readers and know exactly how to test it for results
  • Clarify and distill the message of your book so that you can create marketing materials, products and services that carry that message consistently. This step makes your book an integral part of your business and personal brand.
  • Understand the important of selecting a publishing category and how that impacts your book marketing success
  • Learn how to write compelling back cover copy to catch and hook the attention of potential readers with clear information on what they get when they read your book.
  • Use a Spiritual Power Tool to tap into your right brain creativity to catalyze the progress of writing your book

Step 6 - Creating Your Book Blueprint

  • Use a time-tested three-step process to build the content of your book.
  • Discover how to write to encourage the media to interview you and makes the process super simple for them
  • Learn how to create a Book Blueprint that serves as a navigation aid while writing your book so that you never have to worry about what to write next
  • Understand how to break down the task of writing your book into 5 minutes chunks so you will never be too busy to write
  • Find out how to identify and banish your personal writing gremlins to free you from the bondage of “getting in your own way” and write your book quickly and easily

Step 7 - Finish Your Book Fast and Edit it for Greatness

  • Discover your timeline for completing your book and find out ways to free yourself up to writing your great book faster
  • Learn my “CFD Principle” to write your book fast and get your manuscript done. This conquers any perfectionist thoughts that creep up whenever you’re writing your book.
  • Create a personal writing environment that supports your vision and intention to get your book finished and launched into the world.
  • Use my simple technique for editing. This easy 4-step way to edit your book will have that left-brain work done in no time!
  • Be prepared to submit your manuscript to a publisher and know what steps to take as soon as you’ve finished up the writing

Plus- A Supportive Community

Writing a book can feel lonely. When you enroll in the Write a Great Book Fast program, you also receive free access to Book School University, an inspiring community of budding and experienced author so that you can share struggles, techniques, and successes as you go along. Now you'll have peers who understand and support you!
In this exclusive on-line community, you can connect with peers that share the same goals as you – to write, publish, and market great books that change lives and attract thousands of readers.

And, You Receive These Exclusive Write A Great Book Fast Bonuses…

1. Templates and paint-by-the-numbers Worksheets to make the process of writing your book easy as pie. 
These templates are valued at $89 and will help you effortlessly:

  • Determine the Ideal Publishing Path for your book and your budget
  • Create your Compelling Book Title and Subtitle using my special head and heart method
  • Develop a Holistic and Inspiring Book Vision and Marketing Plan
  • Profile Your Ideal Reader so you can connect instantly
  • Select the Ideal Book Structure for your perfect reader
  • Use my Book Blueprint System for Stress-Free Content Management so that you don't feel overwhelmed or stressed
  • Draft Professional Front and Back Matter for Your Book so it contains all the vital components of a professionally done book

2.   Secrets to Seeding Your Book – 10 Ways to More Cash and More Clients from Your Book

Your book is just the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship with your readers.  If you set your book up correctly, you'll be able to use it as a magnet to attract your ideal customers who will be delighted to partake of your coaching, products, or training programs.
This 60 minute audio and transcript will make it a snap!

Value $79

3. Back Cover Magic

Master the art of writing compelling sale copy for the back cover of your book and your listings on and other book websites.  In this 60 minute training course, you'll learn the vital components of a magnetic back cover copy and how to write each one like a pro.

Program includes a 60 minute webinar training, slides illustrating the key components, and a full transcript to make the process simple and effortless.

Value $79 dollars

Are You Ready To…

  • See the smiles on the faces of your readers when you autograph a book especially for them?
  • Learn the nuts and bolts of writing a business building book that you can use to share your message, attract clients, leverage into speaking gigs, and create a stream of passive revenue?
  • Work with a mentor who can remove the confusion, tell you exactly what you need to do, and give you names, web addresses, and referrals to trustworthy vendors?

If you answered "yes" to those questions, then “How to Write a Great Book Fast” is perfect for you.
However, “How to Write a Great Book Fast” is not for everyone: DO NOT attend “How to Write a Great Book Fast” if:

  • you want to write a children's book, a novel, a coffee table, art book or volume of poetry
  • you are unwilling to invest a modest amount of time each week to create your book

“How to Write a Great Book Fast” is specifically for people who know that writing a book is one of the best ways that you can claim expert status, gain media attention, and grow your small business; whether you sell services or products.

Successful Authors and Business Owners Speak About Write A Great Book Fast:

A Champion of authors who want to make a living and a difference”

"Lynne is a cherished contact in my Rolodex and a CHAMPION of books and authors who seek to make a living while making a difference."

~Andrea J. Lee
Author of Multiple Streams of Coaching Income and Money, Meaning, and Beyond published by Lynne

“ Write a Great Book Fast is the Answer”

“For anyone who is in any stage of the process of writing a book, Write a Great Book Fast is the answer.   What a relief!  I went from willy-nilly to structure in 2 weeks.”  

~ Jennifer Wright
Spirit of Adventure Guide for  Mid-Life Women


“Exceeded My Expectations!”

“Write a Great Book Fast exceeded my expectations! The things I learned have given me confidence and I am much better equipped to move forward with writing my book. The tips, audio session recordings, and other resources you shared will be invaluable to me as I journey towards my goal of becoming a published author!"

~ Marilyn Lustgarten


If you are READY to become a Successful Author, I'm ready to help by teaching you everything you need to know about writing your book in Write a Great Book Fast.

You'll create a book you can be proud of and use for the rest of your career to

  • share your message
  • attract new clients, and
  • get noticed by members of the media and event planners who are looking for speakers

At this point you are probably wondering what the course tuition is. You may be worrying that Write a Great Book Fast will cost you thousands of dollars like some of those other writing courses you've seen online.

I've priced this in depth course affordably because I have a publishing company and am always looking for great books to publish. My goal is to teach you how to write your great book and then publish it for you so it makes sense for me to teach you the very best ways to write your book in this course, and price it so you can afford it.
The tuition for Write a Great Book Fast is $297.
If that's a stretch for you now, I'll finance it for you and let you make 4 easy payments of $97.

Some teleclasses and training programs can feel like a risky proposition. You pay a bunch of money and then hope that you benefit from the course

Not in Write a Great Book Fast!

When you attend Write a Great Book Fast, the burden of proof is on me as your instructor.  I'm so confident that you will love this material and find it exactly what you need to become a Successful Author that I'll give you my exclusive peace of mind guarantee so that you feel confident in your choice to attend.

Lynne's Peace of Mind Guarantee

I want you to be delighted with the information in the Write a Great Book Fast program.  However ,let's be honest; this program will not work for you if you don't use the material and take the action steps suggested.

So let's make this a win-win situation for both of us.  If you purchase this course, use it, follow the action steps and don't like the course or find it useful, I'll refund your full purchase price.  Just drop me an email and tell me why the course wasn't right for you and I'll refund your full purchase price.

Your Book Awaits You…

You know you have a positive message to share with the world. You can feel it in your heart.

You see your name on the cover of a book. You imagine yourself picking up the phone to find members of the media calling YOU for interviews. You picture yourself feeling confident and proud when you give a prospective client a copy of your book instead of a sales pitch.

You're ready to write your great book. You're tired of spinning your wheels with marketing that isn't working for you. You want the right clients to find you and connect with you and your business.

There are people waiting to hear your words of wisdom, encouragement, and success. You owe it to them to get your book out of your head and into the world as soon as possible.

Stop all the frustration of starting, stopping, and starting to write your book again and again. I can teach you how to write your great book fast and with ease. You can use these step-by-step ways of writing your great book fast to write as many books as you like.

Just imagine a series of books with your names on them… all starts now, with your first successful book. You can get started immediately!

I ask that instead of wasting time with marketing that's not working for your business, coaching for free, or begging for speaking engagements, that you allow me to help you finally write a great book fast so that you can connect with the right audience for your business, get clients, and profit.

To your future business building book,

Lynne Klippel Best-Selling Author and Publisher
TEL: 636-922-2634

Yes, Lynne, I'm Ready To Write My Great Book Fast!

Why I Created Write A Great Book Fast

Our world is changing rapidly. The old methods of business don't work anymore. People want more integrity, clarity, and simplicity.

See What Other Business Building Authors Said About Write A Great Book Fast:

“Takes the Guesswork out and Makes it Fun”

“Why would anyone agonize over writing a book, when there's Write a Great Book Fast? Lynne has an engaging warmth and expertise to guide you all the way from an idea for a book to getting it published. She takes the guesswork out and makes this book-birthing process an enjoyable one-dare I say-even fun?!” 

~ Marcia Merrill,
The Transition Chick Career/Life Transitions Coach

Saved me thousands in time and frustration”

"Thanks so much for saving me thousands of dollars' worth of time through Write a Great Book Fast -- not to mention the frustration of figuring this all out. Your efforts to organize this, (including your own personal experiences and those of others you've worked with), and bring it to other aspiring writers, is fabulous! You've got the complete soup-to-nuts process here that makes the writing process turn-key for anyone- expert or novice!"

~ Sarah Dolliver


P.S. - Just imagine YOUR book profiled here in the future…

“Lynne Made Everything Effortless”

As a first time book writer, I was not sure what to expect or even what steps were in the process, but Lynne Klippel made everything effortless for me.  She not only explained things to me in a way that eased my concerns but also kept everything flowing smoothly from start to finish. 

Andria L. Corso
Author of From Gatekeeper to Trusted Advisor


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