Writing Life Magazine- The Future of Publishing?

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Is this the future of publishing?

Check out the multi-media format, the ability to use video, audio, and images to bring new life to your text.

Savvy authors will already be imaging how to use this format for sample chapters, book trailers, and other ways to bring your words to life.

Enjoy and then let me know what you think be leaving a comment below.

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  • Lynne,
    I love the magazine style format and received an invite so I can try it out,too. It could be somewhat of an issue for people with slow bandwidths from what I am reading…but it works fine for me on a low speed (512) in Belize.

    Hope your move to Ecuador is going well.

    • Thanks Carmen! So glad to know the magazine is loading well for you in Belize. Ecuador is great and my Spanish is improving…but slowly LOL

  • Very cool, Lynne. You are always on the cutting edge. At first, I thought the whole thing was going to be video – and I almost clicked off. (I’m one of those who prefers to read.) Glad the video piece was short. Kudos!

  • This format is so cool! Thanks for introducing me to it and thanks for your informative and supportive ezine.

  • Hi Lynne

    Tried a couple of times, but simply can’t gain access to Writing Life Magazine on Glossi.com

  • Thanks for sharing! It’s always fun to open your emails and know that I’m going to find something new and brilliant!

    • Thanks Karyn-
      Bet you could use this for some of your training material. I can use see the great photos of dogs you could have.

  • Hi Lynne, this looks like a great idea and I will explore it more soon. I just signed up for an invite. Thanks for sharing.
    With love from the upper half of America…lol

  • Hi Lynn, This looks intriguing…but it didn’t load properly for me (waited longer than a minute for it to load and it still didn’t)…just saw a blank white page…so either I don’t know how to use it…or it was being fickle with my technology. Was on my laptop and using firefox as my browser. Thought you might want to have this bit of feedback from the field. I think it is terrific that you are looking in to and trying out new stuff all the time…lots keeps changing…and innovation and staying on top of new trends is vitally important today.

    • Thanks Jan and Richard for letting me know that the Glossi would not load on your computers. I’ve done a bit of research and it seems like you need some good bandwidth for it to download. Slower internet connections might not allow it to open.

      I’m so glad you shared this with me so that I can be aware that magazines will not be accessible for folks with slow internet connections. I’m lucky it worked for me here in Ecuador LOL

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