Is Your Book Just a Hobby?

There are two kinds of authors who call me to ask for help with their books. There are the authors who want to write a book to build their business and the authors who treat their books as a hobby.

Personally, I love hobbies. In my former profession as an Occupational Therapist, I taught people how important it was to have hobbies that bring them joy, reduce stress, and add meaning to life. If you write simply for the pleasure of creating art with your words, I salute you. Writing is a hobby that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

However, if you want to write a book and use it to help others while making an income, you are an entrepreneurial author. As an entrepreneurial author, you need more information and support than the hobbyist writer.

You need a solid plan to write, market, and use your book to build your business. In short, you need a way to create a great book and a great income so that the time and effort you invest in your book pays off.

I am so passionately committed to helping you succeed as an entrepreneurial author, that I have changed the name of my website. Love Your Life Publishing still exists and will continue to publish great books as an arm of Business Building Books, Inc. Under this new banner, I will bring you more training, more support, and more information on how to, not just write your book, but use it effectively to transform the lives of your ideal readers while you support yourself and your loved ones, too.

There are too many authors who are broke and struggling. This tragedy has to stop.

Becoming a successful author is not about get-rich-quick schemes or sleazy sales tactics that pressure people into doing something they don’t want to do. Becoming a successful author is about serving your readers from a place of high integrity AND meeting your own needs at the same time.

It can be done!

It takes knowledge, effort, passion, and perseverance. It also helps to have some expert guidance and mentoring along the way. If you are an entrepreneurial author, I pledge to give you even more support, information and encouragement. If you are a hobbyist author, you are welcome to stay with us and use whatever information that I present which serves you and your art.

But today, I am making a public declaration that I am here to help authors build a business with their books. It’s time. The world desperately needs more books with uplifting positive messages and authors who are able to speak, teach, and present from a place of peace instead of fear.

And today, I ask you to think carefully about your book. Are you a happy hobbyist or a committed entrepreneurial author? Which path is right for you?

If you are ready to make a public declaration of your intent, post a comment here so we can all support you in making it a reality.

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  • I love your work and your intentsions of helping others to succeed. You are a great teacher.

  • Wow, incredible blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is great, let alone the content!

    • Thanks Kenar- Glad you are enjoying the blog. I have a great graphic designer and give him all the credit for the look of the site.

  • Lynne, it is thanks to you & your genuine care & belief that I am ready after a lifetime of writing & small publishings to commit to the message born inside. There are so many ‘experts’who offer to help you publish etc. but it is more about paying for their programs than really caring about your success. In working with you I have felt your spirit and the truth speak to me. I thank you & am so glad you are creating another new way to interact even more successfully with authors & glad to be a part of it.

  • Lynne,

    Bravo! I salute you for making this stand and offer. For me it is just what I need as I’m stepping more fully into my entrepreneurial authorship. The timing could not be more welcome. Thank you warmly, Amanda

  • I’ve passed from being a lawyer to a professional opera singer. The last 11 years have been a roller coaster, with fun and fears and panic all together. Two years ago I started the best voyage of my life! I traveled within and I am in the process of discovering my potential. I am writing this experience to help other people to live their lives fully and to Love themselves! Much Love – Elias

  • I’ve passed from being a lawyer to a professional opera singer. The las 11 years have been a roller coaster, with fun and fears and panic all together. Two years ago I started the best voyage of my life! I’ve traveling within and I am in the process of discovering my potential. I am writing this experience to help other people to live their lives fully and to Love themselves! Much Love – Elias

  • I believe I was put on earth to write–and make a living at it. Despite not being able to get started until I was in my mid-30s, I have written a great deal for newspapers and magazines. That, of course, is getting harder and harder to do, for two reasons: there are fewer potential markets, and I am now in a wheelchair and have a much harder time getting around and coping with issues like pix.
    As to my books, I’ve written a couple of excellent ones, niche stuff, but certainly worthy of readership and capable of broadening readers’ understanding and appreciation of life. Every subject is universal, every story can teach.
    I do not do novels; I have read quite a few of the classics and am glad of it, but I can’t imagine having the focus to write one. What I’ve read, mostly, is history, biography, poetry, memoirs. And, with the exception of poetry, that’s the sort of thing I write. I have a following, but–like everyone else–need a larger one.
    One of the things that mystifies me is that, while book readership seems to be dropping, the number of people determined to write and publish a book seems to be on an upswing. I always advise people, “If you don’t read books, don’t even think about writing them.”

  • I have two books that are almost ready that I’d like to get publisehd this year…but, writing the finish is the like the locknest monster that raises its head occasionally…or rarely.

    • Pat- finding the time to write can be a challenge. Have you tried scheduling time on your calendar? That works for me and some of my clients. Then, it is an appointment, not just an idea to work on the book. Try that and see if it helps. There is also bribery which chocolate – LOL

  • Great to hear the focus you are now taking Lynne, you will be a great success.

    As a co-author on Align, Expand, Succeed I loved that journey to fruition and uncovered that the book I intended to write afterwards is evolving into something completely different than my orginal concept.

    I am committed to bring my own book to life, create an great income through it and make a difference for others with my message.

  • Beautiful declaration. I am so excited and honored to work with you and to have you as a brilliant guide helping me along my journey

    Love and blessings

  • I am an entrepreneurial author and your commitment to us is an inspiration. Writing a book has been a dream, but is now actively becoming reality! Thanks for all your support and insight. It is much appreciated. Looking forward to learning more from you. Jody

  • Great timing – just attended my first writers conference this past weekend.

    Was seeking confirmation from industry insiders (agents/editors) that my idea had merit, and got so much more.

    Multiple editors & agents encouraged me and are interested in reviewing the full proposals. In addition, spoke with some magazines and was invited to send both queries and complete articles.

    Looking forward to hearing others’ success stories and visions here.

    • Rich- that is awesome news! If you have agents interested in your book, you are certainly on the right track.

  • I want people to enjoy my books and get something from it, whether it be learning how to love and appreciate life ,or just to learn a way to keep yourself safe..these books are to make you think …They may make you weep, or make you angry ,but you will never be bored…/

  • I intend to be an entrepreneurial author, with a book in the works. I have a distinct message of health and healing to share with people. I also intend to finish my book and expand my market, business and income within the next three months. Blessings…

  • This post is so timely! I entered the Next Top Self-Help Author contest to challenge myself to finally get my book written. I’ve got from a hobbyist to a committed entrepreneurial author. I’m feeling the growing pains of having to write and market my book, along with all the other steps involved!

    I intend to win this contest and get my book published. I know that many others have the same intent. But more than that, I am dedicated to bringing the information in this book to the world, in order help people become happier, more centered, more wealthy and more aware. It is my life’s purpose and my passion!

    Thank you for averything you do, Lynne, to help authors’ dreams come true!

    • Michelle-
      I am so proud of you for declaring your intention to help people be happier! That is a wonderful blessings to bring to the world. Bless you.

  • Lynne~

    Thank you for stepping into your power in a brand new way. How bold and delicious of you to make a public declaration! You are a model for all of us to do the same, each in our own ways.

    I look forward to witnessing and supporting your journey to equip authors to build viable businesses with their books. This is a niche that needs savvy way-showers like you.

    May you illuminate the path so we all benefit.


  • FYI – website not yet live.

    My intent is to be an entrepreneurial author. I am at an early stage in this process. My will is to serve in a way which makes people eager to (i) support me financially; and (ii) help me grow spiritually.

    • Karstein- the early stages can be challenging. Be gentle with yourself and ensure that you are learning all you can. There is no such thing as overnight success but success earned over time is very sweet.

  • Love your new approach to writing and writers and know it will help many decide immediately to get busy and get on that book that will place them among the other experts of their profession. What a wonderful gift you give everyone…and i am happy to say that my work was published by your organizations and still out there moving others to taste of my view of life, too.

    Thank you, Lynne for all you do!

  • Today I make a public declaration to continue to educate and raise awareness about Alzheimer’s, help remove the stigma around the disease, and support caregivers by continuing to speak, teach, present and do events around and with my book, “I Love You, Who Are You?: Loving & Caring for a Parent with Alzheimer’s”.

    • Patti- I am so proud of you! My grandfather had Alzheimer’s and our family could have used the kind of support that you are pledging to others. Thank you for sharing your light with people who really need it.

  • Today I make a public declaration to continue to educate and raise awareness about Alzheimer’s, help remove the stigma around the disease, and support caregivers by continuing to speak, teach, present and do events around and with my book, “I Love You, Who Are You?: Loving & Caring for a Parent with Alzheimer’s”. YAHOO!!! Here we go!!!

  • I am in the midst of finishing a book and know that I will, but need all the help I can get.

    • Hang in there Elizabeth. You are to be commended for being in the middle of your book. Many people never get that far, just dream of beginning but don’t start. You can do this!

  • This is beautiful and powerful, Lynne. Thank you.

    I am publicly stating my commitment to being a successful author with a powerful message for the world, who also makes a great living doing the work I came here to do.

    • Standing with you Debora. I know what a great writer you are and that your message is needed in this world. I’ll be watching you soar and clapping loudly.

  • You may choose not to post this because it may not fit the motivational theme expressed above. But here goes. I don’t think intentions and declarations are enough. I have published four books, with some amazing, ground-breaking ideas, with only very modest success despite real expertise, good professional editing, PR firms, endorsements from very famous authors, websites and blogs, workshops and classes. So I have grown wary of people promising to make your book a success who, themselves, have never done it. Success is more than hype, self-promotion and intentions. I think it has much to do with timing and where the culture is relative to your idea. If people cannot conceive your idea, and if the idea is not already on the tip of their unconscious waiting for someone to mirror it, the book will die no matter how brilliant it is. Plus the average “successful” book sells only 3-4000 copies so we have to be clear about what success means in terms of sales. It seems to me that you write a book because it’s in you, because – like any artist – you have to write it independent of any imagined outcomes. Writing erupts from your soul and in so doing it grows your understanding of life, and that’s why you write. If you work hard enough, follow the rules, and persevere, you will eventually find a publisher, and then you let it go and move on to the next idea gripping your soul. Whatever you reveal in your writing will touch the whole, but not in ways your wish or can even see. So for me, the measure of a successful book is found in the brilliance, creativity and authenticity of its revelation, and the joy found in expressing it, and that is enough. Beyond that measure, too often, lies ego, grandiosity and inflated promises. The false self loves that stuff, but not the soul. Thank you. John

    • John- thank you for this post. You write lyrically. Your point about the measure of a book being found in its brilliance, creativity and authenticity is well taken. Thank you for reminding us all of the importance of the quality of the words and concepts in each book.

    • Hello, John (and All)~

      I appreciate all the points you made and agree wholeheartedly.

      The intention and declaration aspects come into play because many authors perform the “right” strategic action items (great cover, professional editing, endorsements, etc.) and actually FORGET to set a clear and specific intent that their book/efforts actually support their lifestyle!

      We think if we do all the “right” things according to the “experts” we will have a successful book. Not so, as you point out.

      With the laser-sharp intent from the beginning that a book will be successfully brilliant, creative, authentic AND be a lucrative endeavor, that can make all the difference in it being so.

      And Lynne Klippel is the perfect person to marry all aspects of successful book authorship.

  • Lynne,

    I awakened from a restless sleep in 2008, determined to become a voice for women who were stuck in midlife transition who were unsure of what lay ahead & needing help to navigate the waves of their journey, leading to authenticity…

    I write a blog for women, but am on a mission to transition into book form. The desire is constant, as is the fear to accomplishment…

    Thanks for this so timely post!


    • Clara- Sounds like your soul was whisphering to you about your book and your mission. I am so proud that you listened and are saying yes.

  • Love, love, LOVE your new direction, Lynn! ~ I’m ready to embark on the “entrepreneurial path!” 🙂

  • I am committed to getting my message out into the world! I am committed to get my book finished and published this year! And I am grateful for the support Lynne~

    Thank you!

  • I write fiction. I belong to a local writer’s group, and have a writer’s circle who edit each other’s work when we meet. I don’t yet have a web page, because it wouldn’t be very active. But, I write with the intent that the novels I write will be good enough when I’m done that people will buy, read, and enjoy them.

    It’s a lot longer and harder than I expected it to be, but progress is happening. Will I have a novel ready to publish this year? I hope so, but I do not know whether or not my efforts will be good enough. However, I’m certainly going to find out!

    • Tom- I am in awe of those who can write novels. I do not have that gift so it thrills me to know that there are those who can skillfully weave stories with power, pacing, and emotion. As a person who loves to read novels, let me encourage you to keep writing!

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